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Facebook Mobile App & Mobile Site m.facebook.com
Facebook is the most popular social network medium amongst the numerous social media in place right now. It helps users to keep in touch with family and friends both oldand new wherever they are in the world. Generally, users need to sign up to Facebook to be able to create an account for themselves. Because of its popularity and the fact that almost everyone has a Facebook account, numerous new users signup on a daily basis to the most amazing platform to find and connect with friends.

Facebook Mobile is an amazing platform established by Facebook team for users that want to enjoy the features and services of Facebook on the go using their mobile phone. As a Facebook user or subscriber, you don’t need to stick to your PC or your desktop always to keep in tabs with friends all over the world. With Facebook mobile, all the activities on Facebook can be carried out right on your mobile phone and this makes the connection a whole lot more easy and comfortable.

As a user you visit Facebook Mobile platform when you make use of a mobile phone either with a web browser or Facebook mobile app. By default visiting Facebook platform using a web browser on your mobile phone gives you a mobile view. This won’t display just like it does when you make use of a PC. But the content you also access is also same content on the desktop version. You cna use m.facebook.com on a web browser to access Facebook Mobile.

Advantages of Facebook Mobile

In a fast moving world now where people want to do so many things at the same time with faster efficacy. Facebook Mobile gives you the same access and avenue to the service that your normal Facebook on your desktop will offer. In fact theFacebook mobile is better in the sense that.

  • It is easily accessible even when you are mobile.
  • You are not restricted to be in one particular position when you intend to login to your Facebook account.
  • Provided the Facebook sign up and Facebook sign in has been done on your mobile phone, you can always receive notifications of whatever thing that is going on within your account.
  • Notifications get to you faster
  • You also do the Facebook comment, Facebook search, accept friends request, send friends request on the go.
  • To like a post, update status, upload pictures and videos come to you in the comfort of your phone where ever you find yourself.
  • Even when you are using your phone for something else, with your Facebook mobile, you can easily navigate in and out of Facebook.
  • It knocks out the expenses of buying and setting up a desktop computer or laptop. With your internet oriented phone (whether big or small), you can log in signup and sign out of your account at any time without stress.

Most android phones and mac mobile devices comes with the Facebook mobile app already on the phone. So you do not need to download it into your phone. But in case your mobile phone did not come with the already installed Facebook app, you can easily search and download the app from google play store. The steps are as follows.

How to Install the Facebook Mobile App on Phones

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world. Lots of users always signup on a daily basis. No wonder users are currently downloading Facebook mobile app on their mobile devices so as to keep up with the trend. The process of installing Facebook mobile app on mobile phones is very simple. Thus:

Installing Directly From Your Phone

If you have an internet oriented phone,

  • Open google play on your phone. Most phones have the google play store on the homepage of the phone.
  • Swipe left or right if you can not see the google play icon instantly on your homepage.
  • Tap the search tool at the top right corner of google play
  • Type“Facebook” and press “Ok”
  • Run through the app’s information page. The first one up should be the official website. Click on it.
  • Tap the “Install” button. Installation will immediately start. When done theFacebook mobile app would have been stored on your mobile phone with the icon stored on the home page of your phone. Enjoy.

Installing From Your Computer

  • Launch the internet browser on your computer.
  • Visitwww.play.google.com/store. Enter
  • Connect the mobile phone you want to install the mobile app to the computer. To achieve this, you can use your USB cable.
  • Go back to your computer where the google play store is open.
  • Goto the search icon and type “Facebook”. The official website is the first to pop up.
  • Att his point, left-click the “Install” button. A dialogue text will come up and ask you what device you will like to install it to.
  • Select your phone in the drop box.

Immediately, the app will be downloaded and installed on your mobile phone. If your phone is linked to your Gmail account, the download will automatically be on your phone without you even selected your phone.