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Academy credit card which is also considered as Academy Sports credit card, created by the Comenity Capital Bank which serves as a payment method. However, Academy credit card payment happens to be a special kind of credit card that comes with a special offer while you sign up. On using this Academy sports card, you will earn $15 once you get approved. Meanwhile, the most interesting part of the card is that you earn points while you use the card. Also, if you are not approved instantly, you still stand a chance of earning a $15 statement credit later.

Academy Credit Card - Apply for Academy Credit Card | Academy Credit Card Login

Furthermore, within 60 days of account opening, you will also enjoy earnings of 1,000 bonus point after your first eligible net purchase. And you will earn $25 Academy rewards for every 2, 500 points you earn. However, you can also use this card to purchase goods online and it has no charges attached to it.

Benefits of Academy Credit Card

Academy Sports + Outdoors Credit Card is a kind of payment method where you can use to purchase sports and outdoor items at the store in which the credit card is accepted. The benefits are incredible as well as the card is also incredible. However, the incredible benefit you tend while using the Academy CC are:

  • You will have a chance to enjoy a special offer, which will last for two months after registration.
  • You earn $15 instantly after you are approved. And you can also earn your $15 statement if you are later approved.
  • After your first eligible net purchase within 60 days of account opening, you stand a chance of opening 1,000 bonus points.
  • You get every $25 Academy rewards if you earn 2,500 points you earn.

Another interesting about the Academy card is that it also offers you free shipping on standard shipping. However, you can learn the simple step on how to apply for Academy credit card in the next outline below.

How to Apply for Academy Sports + Outdoors Credit Card

On the contrary, the steps to Academy Sports online credit card application is simple and fast. However, the Academy credit card application comes with eligibility requirements which actually determines the approval for the CC. During the application for the Academy sports online CC application, you can find the required eligibility. Simply visit https://www.academy.com/shop/browse/academy-credit-card to access the application form. Afterward, you can complete the two-stage of the application.

How do I Activate my Academy Credit Card?

However, you don’t need to stress yourself if you want to activate your credit card, all you have to do is to call the Customer service number which is listed on the card’s website. Meanwhile, after calling it, they will put you through some steps you will follow. After following the steps, you can now start using your Academy credit Card.

Academy Credit Card Login

After activating your account, you can start login into the website. However, some easy steps on how to login to the website will be listed below:

  1. Visit the Academy CC login page.
  2. Enter your User ID correctly
  3. Lastly, click on the “log in” so you can gain access to your account.

You will be taken to your account’s homepage after you click on the “Log In” button. Meanwhile, make sure you are entering your user ID correctly, or else, you won’t gain access to your account. Keep in mind, logging into your payment card allows you to check your card balance, review your payment, and lots more.

Can I Make Bill Payment with This Academy Card?

Yes, you can make bill payment with this academy credit card, all you have to do is to visit the domain https://d.comenity.net/academy/ or send mail bill payment to the mailing address listed on the card’s website.

What do I do if I’m having issues with the Academy CC?

However, if you are having issues with the Academy sports card payment all you need to do is to call their customer care. Meanwhile, their customer care number can be found on the card’s website or you can send mails to the emails listed on the card’s website as well.