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As an Outlook user, do you know that you can add another email address to Outlook? This is one of the amazing features of Microsoft Outlook. It is no doubt that Microsoft Outlook is one of the most used webmail services in the world. Once you’re done creating an Outlook account, Microsoft provides the opportunity to send, receive and manage emails. Apart from these, Microsoft allows you to add other email accounts to Outlook and merge them into a single interface. To an extent, this feature makes sense. For instance, if a person uses another email address for personal and business communications.

Add Outlook Account - Add An Email Account To Outlook | Add Gmail To Outlook

Meanwhile, you need to set up an Outlook account before can add another email address to your Outlook account. An account is needed before you can make use of this feature on the Microsoft webmail platform. Besides, some third-party email providers such as Google mail or Yahoo may necessitate you to change some settings on the provider’s website before you can add the email address to your Outlook account. Or else, link will be blocked. Hence, these are some of the email address you can add to Outlook below;

  • Google mail
  • iCloud
  • Yahoo
  • Exchange
  • Office 365

If you want to connect or add another email address to your Outlook account, you will need the email account password. And if you have set up a two-factor authentication login procedure, you must have the other device ready and generate a special app via the account’s setting.

How To Add A Google Mail Account To Your Outlook Account

You can add your Gmail account to your Outlook account and also connect your other accounts to import your email and manage it all in one place. Microsoft allows you to add up to twenty other email accounts to Outlook. Syncing other email accounts to your Outlook account is a feature on Outlook. Any email you send from your connected account on Outlook.com will not appear in the sent items of the connected account. For instance, emails sent from your Gmail account using Outlook will not appear in your Google mail sent items. Also, Gmail messages deleted in Outlook.com will not be deleted from your Gmail inbox. Thus, you can connect Google mail to Outlook using the guidelines below;

  • Launch a web browser and visit the Outlook website.
  • Sign in your Outlook account to access your Microsoft Outlook inbox.
  • At the top left of your inbox, click on Settings.
  • Then a page will appear. On that page, click on ‘View all Outlook settings.
  • On the next page, click on SYNC EMAIL.
  • Another page then pops up. Under connected accounts, click ’Gmail’.
  • Enter a display name for your Google account and click OK. This is the name recipient will see whenever they get emails from you.
  • Then select the Gmail account you intend to connect. However, you may have to sign in your Google mail account if not signed in.
  • Click ‘Allow’.

If your Google mail account uses a two-step verification process, you’ll have to create an app password for that account. Visit the Gmail account security page to set up the app password. After that, go back to Outlook.com and enter the password on the ‘Connect your Google account page’.

Connect Other Email Accounts To Outlook

To connect AOL mail, Yahoo Mail, and other email accounts to Outlook.com, follow these simple steps.

  • Go to settings in your Outlook inbox.
  • Under connected accounts, click on ‘Other email accounts.
  • Enter your display name, the email address of the account you want to connect and the password of the account.
  • Then select OK.

If you add other email accounts to Outlook, you can send and view emails from those accounts without logging out of Outlook. Thus, any email account you add to Outlook.com is called a connected account.

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