Rewards credit cards are valuable cards as they allow you to get cashback on your daily purchases. If you do go fill up your gas tank or to the grocery store, don’t you mind earning cashback or travel points on those purchases. If you are able to make payments quickly, a rewards card will possibly add value to your wallet. The American express gold card is a great option for that.

American express gold card is issued by American Express. It a card that offers rewards programs for those seeking premium dining and U.S supermarkets rewards. If you are also a frequent traveler, this card is also a blessing for you in disguise. Because it allows you to travel in style and enjoy exclusive benefits globally.

American Express Gold Card - Benefits of American Express Gold Card | American Express Card Login

Truly, the Amex Gold card is an attractive card because it allows its users to earn a huge range of points across several categories. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for an everyday card. The current Amex gold card is a metal card, unlike the old version. The current design is fascinating as it is available in a typical gold style.

Before, it was available in rose gold for regular applicants. However, you can still get the rose gold design if apply vis a friend’s referral link. Despite these great rewards offered by this card, it comes with a high annual fee of $250 which makes the card quite unappealing.

Amex Gold Card Benefits

As a reward card as well as a travel card, the Amex gold card comes with irresistible benefits that can make your daily purchases meaningful. American express gold card stands out among other American express cards as it offers the following benefits;

  • As a cardholder, earns you 60,000 membership rewards points when you spend $4,000 on purchases with your card in the first six months.
  • This card offers you up to 4X points at U.S supermarkets on purchases up to $25,000 in a year.
  • Amex gold card offers you 4X points on restaurants which includes delivery and takeout.
  • If you book flights directly with American Express, you get 3X points on flights.
  • On all other eligible purchases, you get 1X points.
  • Amex gold card is accepted in millions of places worldwide.
  • With your card, you can travel abroad with peace of mind as you won’t pay fees on foreign transactions.
  • You can control how you pay bills with your card.
  • On traveling, you get $100 hotel credit to spend on eligible spa, dining, and resort activities including a room upgrade upon arrival.
  • It comes with a personalized travel service.
  • As a cardholder, you’ll enjoy global assist hotline benefits. This means when you are far away from home, there is 24/7 legal, medical, and other selected emergency assistance.
  • It comes with car rental loss and damage insurance.
  • There is a baggage insurance plan as you’re covered for stolen, damaged or lost baggage you purchase.

Above all, you’ll have access to all American express offers. Because you will get rewards at those places you like to make purchases dine and travel. To, enjoy these offers, you only need to add American express offers to your card. Then make a qualifying purchase to trigger the credit.

How to Apply for American Express Gold Card

How can I apply for an Amex gold card or what do I need to get American express gold? Applying for an Amex gold card is quite easy and can be done in few minutes. However, to apply and get approved you need to have an excellent credit which is a FICO score of 670 or above. Thus, you can make an online application using the steps below;

  • Visit the American express gold card website on a web browser.
  • On the homepage, locate the blue Apply Now button and click on it.
  • Then you will be redirected to the application page.
  • Enter your personal information such as your full name [first name, middle initial, and last name], name on card, email address, date of birth.
  • Also, enter your mobile phone number, home address, social security number, total annual income, non-taxable annual income [optional], and income source.
  • Click on the box below if interested.
  • Then click on the link that says ‘Continue to Terms’.
  • On the next page, you’ll be asked to read some important information about the card. Which means accepting the terms and conditions.
  • Having accepted the terms and conditions, click on the Agree & Submit Application button.

Immediately, you will get a response regarding the application you’ve made. Just like most travel cards, the Amex gold card is mainly for those with excellent credit. On the contrary, your approval is not entirely decided by your credit score. But a higher credit score increases your chances of approval.

American Express Card Login

Nevertheless, if you already have the Amex gold card, you can manage your account online. Amex gold card has a login portal that allows accessing your account. To login your Amex gold account, follow the steps below;

  • Visit the Amex gold card website using the link above.
  • You will see a login link at the top right of the homepage, click on it.
  • Then you will be taken to the login page.
  • The first thing is to enter your user ID on the first field.
  • Enter your password on the second field.
  • Lastly, click on the login button below.

At once, your account will be signed in. With this, you can manage your account and do many other things that you want to do on your account.