Are you an artist or an upcoming artist, looking for a platform to upload your songs? Or are you looking for a platform or site to download, stream and listen to all your favorites Hip hop songs, R&B, Raps, etc? Look no further, Audiomack got you covered. Audiomack is a great platform, for both upcoming and top artist to promote their song for free thereby gaining more audience and popularity. Besides, Audiomack can be used to stream and download all your favorite songs ranging from Hip Hop, Raps, Afropop, and Reggae for free and without stress or hitch.

Audiomack - Download the Audiomack App | Audiomack Login

Furthermore, Audiomack has millions of users searching for trending and latest songs. Top artists and upcoming artists can use this to their advantage by promoting their songs on the platform for free. Moreover, Audiomack gives upcoming artists an amazing and easy start and in the long run also help them manage their career all for free. Meanwhile, for music lovers, you get access to unlimited downloading and streaming of all your favorites trending songs and you also get to convert Audiomack to mp3. Additionally, Audio mack is an amazing, free, limitless platform which is recommendable for upcoming artist, Top artist, music lovers and everyone to share and discover more about music.

Audiomack App

 The Audiomack App is the platform that provides its users the access to stream and download all their favorites music for free. The Audiomack app comes with its own unique and amazing features which are so really remarkable. Some of the features of the app are, you get to download and stream trending songs for free and offline. Furthermore, you get unlimited access to download and stream Hip hop songs, Raps, reggae, and so much more. You also get to create unlimited playlists, of all your favorite music. Besides, you get to follow all your favorites artists, producers, and tastemakers.

How to Download Audiomack App

To download the Audiomack App, on your device is so simple and easy. Here are steps to follow:

  • Visit your Google play store for android users and the Apple App Store for iPhone users.
  • Locate the search bar on the Play store and input Audiomack App
  • Then, proceed to download the App on your device.

Now that you’ve downloaded the Audiomack App on your device, proceed to install the app on your device and start enjoying unlimited access to downloading and streaming music on the Audiomack App for free.

Audiomack Login

To sign in on the Audiomack online platform, you can either use your Google, email address, Facebook, Twitter or Apple ID. Here are the steps to follow for each:

To Login with Google:

  • Click on the google sign in
  • Select your preferred account to use
  • Click on it and sign in

To Sign in With Email

  • Enter your active email address on the Audio mack platform
  • Tap on “Continue” to sign in

To Login With Facebook

  • Click on sign in with Facebook on your device
  • Audio mack will redirect you to Facebook
  • Click on continue as your” name”

To sign in with Twitter

  • Tap on sign in with Twitter on your device
  • You will be redirected to Twitter
  • Enter your Twitter username or email
  • Input your Twitter password
  • Then, click to authorize app and sign in

To sign in with Apple ID

  • Tap on sign in with apple ID on your device
  • Enter your Apple ID on the box and sign in

With the following ways and steps, you can sign in on the Audio mack platform.

Audiomack Sign up

You can sign up on the Audiomack platform in two ways. You can sign up through the website and on the app and the process are both the same. Meanwhile, here are the processes to follow to sign up:

  • Visit the Audiomack official website or go to the Audiomack app on your device
  • Locate the sign-up icon on the homepage and click on it
  • You will be taken to the next page, Enter your email address
  • Choose a username
  • Create your password
  • Confirm that your human
  • Then, click on the sign-up icon

Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to successfully sign up on Audio mack. You can now upload and promote your songs, after signing up on the Audio mack platform.