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How can I apply for B Credit Card? Here is quick reviews of the payment card that include benefit and also the online application process. In the meantime, B of a credit card is a payment card created by Clydesdale Bank & Yorkshire Bank. However, it happens to be a card with no fees whenever it is used. Plus, it is used everywhere around the globe. B of a card is also considered as one of the secured credit cards built with enhanced security encryption to protect your payment card. Meanwhile, with this B card payment, you will have the privilege to make use of your card even while you reside abroad and it has no transaction fee on purchases. But in other to enjoy more Super-smart budgeting, you can use the B app. However, using this card, Cardholders don’t need to bother about paying extra fees for card usage. Keep in mind, the B card payment is different from the B coin credit card Ragnarök.

B Credit Card -  Apply for B Credit Card Online | B Credit Card Login

Furthermore, if you have this card, your online shopping will be secured with MasterCard Secure Code. However, this MasterCard Secure Code guides you from any unauthorized use of your card online. Also, it takes advantage of the 24hour fraud support which brings you notification anytime unusual activity is noticed on your account. Also, using this B Credit Card, Cardholders will enjoy easy payments, comprising Direct Debit.

Features of B Credit Card

On the contrary, using this B of a credit card will bring you some benefits. Meanwhile, the features of this card payment are the most interesting fact about the card. Below are the benefits:

  • No foreign transaction charges, even if you are purchasing goods from another country
  • Enjoy Super-smart budgeting while you use the B app
  • You will get access to MasterCard priceless Cities events & offers
  • While using this card, you can revel online shopping in which MasterCard Secure Code is attached
  • Advantage of the 24-hour fraud support.
  • No extra charges for card usage
  • You will enjoy easy payments including the Direct debit

However, if you have a B Credit Card, these are the benefit you will enjoy. Meanwhile, there are more benefits to enjoy while using the card but this up listed below. Above all, the B card payment also offers you rewards on every transaction done from the card.

B Card Payment Application

First of all, the application for a B credit card is simple, but you need to have the eligibility requirement for the application. Hence, If you want to apply for the B card application, the things you need for you to be qualified are:

  • You must reside in the U.K.
  • Also, you must be at least 18 years of age
  • You must not be a B credit cardholder.

To Apply for B of a Card:

Before you can apply for B credit card, you need to first check your eligibility. Once you’re eligible for the card payment, then you will be provided with the application form where you can fill out your application for the payment card.

Activation of B Card Payment

If you have a B credit card and you want to activate it. However, all you need to do is contact their customer care team with the number listed on the Card’s official website.

B Credit Card Login

B Credit card login helps you gain access to your account on the financial payment services. Some easy steps on how to access your B card payment account will be listed below:

  1. Visit the Clydesdale Bank login page
  2. Enter your customer number or Username
  3. Click on the continue button below it to gain access to your account

Make sure you are entering the customer number or username correctly. After clicking on continue, you will be successfully logged in to your account. Keep in mind, you can also download and install the b credit card app on you android or iOS devices to transfer a balance, check balance, view your earn virgin points and lots more with ease.

B Card Customer Service

If you are having issues with your B Credit card, you can just contact their customer service. Their contact number is listed on the card’s website. Also, the card experts are always available to help you 24/7.