There various Email hosting companies in the world today such as Gmail, Zoho mail, and much more. Several of these Email service providers, also have an app for all its user. Whereby aside from accessing the platform website, they can download the App on their device and gain access to their emails. One of such email service providers is However, Bt Email never had an app before for all its user but recently the email services provider updated its email. And also, created a BT Email App for all new users which can be downloaded on the Play store.

BT Email App - Download Btinternet Mail App for Android and iOS

The Bt Email App is absolutely free and doesn’t require you to pay a dime before you can download the App on your device. It comes with various amazing features which you will find really exciting. The brand-new app has a friendly user interface which makes it easier to send, read and receive messages. Also, with the aid of the Btinternet Email App, you can organize and manage all your emails without stress. Btinernet App is 100% safe and secure to use, and so you need not worry as all your mails are perfectly safe. In fact, the App comes with various cool features, which I think you should check out below.

Features of BT Email App

Meanwhile, the Bt email App comes with amazing features for all users of the email service. Like I earlier said, Bt email updated its email and so all your favorite features of the email service provider have been updated and more streamlined. Below are the Features of the Btinternet email App;

  • Friendly and clear user interface
  • No annoying advertisement/ pop up messages
  • With the aid of the Bt mail App, you can group and organize your emails.
  • The Bt mail app makes use of world-class cybersecurity to protect all your mails

Also, Bt Email App has free help support from advisors based in UK and Ireland. And so, if you need help or advice on any issue or problem you might be encountering while using the mobile App. You can easily contact them for free, anytime and anywhere.

BT Mail App Download

Meanwhile, downloading the Bt email App on your device is not nuclear science. However, it a very simple and easy process. The Bt Email App currently, is only available for Android users and so iOS users cannot download the App on their device. As the App is not currently available on the App store. Nevertheless, below are the steps to download the Btinternet email App on your android device;

  • Visit your Google Play Store or App Store
  • Using the search box, search for the Bt Mail App
  • Then, the results of your search will appear’
  • Click on the BT mail App
  • Hit the Install button or Get button.

Then, Launch and open the Bt mail App on your android device. Also, don’t forget to grant the App permission to run and function on your device. Now you can sign in to your Bt mail account or create an Account with Bt email via the App.