Creating a business account on Facebook is free? Every beginner looking to showcase their businesses or products online usually start with that first expression. Generally, joining the trending means of promoting your network marketing business online using social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Yahoo, and others don’t just come free. However, creating a business account on Facebook is free but using marketing/advertising tools such as the advertising platform isn’t free.

Business Account on Facebook - How to Create a Facebook Business Manager account

In general, the business account free is like creating a marketing manager that helps you to maintain absolute control of your assets which includes your ads and page. You can definitely create a business account for free whereby you can assign all your business activities and also have access to your business partners to join your account. Moreover, you can use the business account through the business manager to also create ads and page. Keep in mind, opening an account is free with the Business Manager.

Why Choose the Business Manager

Just as I earlier mention, there are two marketing tools on the Facebook business. This has to do with the advertisement which requires a payment method and the Facebook page which comes free. But when you choose to use the business manager which is a Facebook business account free allows you to control as well as use the business tools offer by business all on one cloud. Moreover, when you chose the business manager you create multiple ads using different payment methods.

In addition, get access to your page and ad accounts, connect people to your business to work together. Also, build your marketing network to the highest level as you can for free excepting adverting on Facebook with the ads account. Plus, choosing the “business account on Facebook is free” concept separate your business from your personal profile account.

How to Create a Facebook Business Manager account

Once again, the business account on Facebook is free by creating a business manager. But adverting your business through the platform requires a payment method except using the Facebook page to showcase your business. First of all, to create a free marketing network, ensure you provide a confidential Facebook account confirming your identity.

To open a business account on facebook free:

  • On your web browser click on the
  • Afterward, you will see an icon “Create account’ at the top right of the page and click on it.
  • Then a pop-up tab will app where you need to fill out some details to create your business account manager.
  • Fill out your business and account name, your name, as well as your business email address.

Afterward, you will be directed to another page where you can add your business details to completely set up your Facebook business account to control all your business assets and even set a new one. Finally, once you have completed the action you will then be offered the right marketing tool to control and create your assets.