The World as you know is now a global village. Everyone is now going digital, with the use of various social media platforms. One of such social platforms is Twitter. According to research, the mentioned social media platform has over a million users. With such a number of users, you can get information about a lot going on around you. I know the question, on your mind is how do I create a Twitter account and why should I open a Twitter account?

Create Twitter Account - Twitter Account Sign up

Meanwhile, creating a Twitter account allows you to connect and also socialize with others. You can connect with your family, friends and also make new friends from the platform. Besides, you can read news on the platform, about what happens in the world or your country. And to create a Twitter account, doesn’t require you to pay. It is absolutely free. It only requires your personal information. After that, you can start accessing the platform. However, you can also make your Twitter account private, just go to your setting and privacy and turn on private mood. Meanwhile, check the outline below on other reasons why you need to set up a Twitter account.

Why Should I Set up a Twitter Account?

In the first two paragraphs of this article, some reasons why you need to create a Twitter account have been enumerated. However, let take a deeper look at it. An adage says, if you are not informed, you will definitely be Deformed. When you set an account with Twitter, you can find useful information for your self-growth and studies. The platform as earlier stated has a lot of users. Some of these users are Students, Policy makers, Politicians, Business Owners, Reporters, Writers/Content Creators, etc. And, so getting Meaningful and useful information from the site is quite easy.

Aside from that, it can help you reach various people through tweets and retweets. You can also build a good relationship with experts and other followers on the social platform. Moreover, you can create a Twitter account for your business. With that, you can promote your business, reach more audiences and generate revenue. In fact, the reasons why you need to set up an account are so many. Why not set up an account today, to keep up with the latest development and share it with others.

How to Create a Twitter Account

You probably now know the importance of reasons why you should create a Twitter account. Now your wondering, how do I create or sign up for an account with Twitter?  You can create an account in two ways, you can either visit the official website of Twitter or download the App on your phone. Whichever way you wish to set up an account, here are the steps and guidelines to follow:

  • Visit   the official website
  • Or go to your Google play store or Apple store and download the App
  • Enter your name
  • Then, enter your phone number or Email
  • Enter your Date of birth and click on Next
  • Then, you will be redirected back to the sign-up page with your details displayed.
  •  Confirm the details you entered and click on Sign up
  • Then, you will be sent a verification code to your phone or Email.
  • Create your password (8 characters or more)

After, creating your password you can now set up your Twitter profile, Bio and also indicate your interest. However, you can skip it and do that at your own convenient time. Note that using the same email address for two twitter account is not possible.