The David’s Bridal credit card issued by Comenity bank is card designed for devoted brand shoppers even though it does not offer much in the way of valuable extras. This credit card is a card you should consider to go for as it offers special financing deals which offers 6 months of interest fee financing for applicants that are eligible. So, this means that you need to pay off your total purchase before the end of six months if you want to avoid being charged interest. However, David’s bridal credit card from Comenity bank is subject to credit approval. Comenity David’s bridal offers you financing that fits your budget.

Davids Bridal Credit Card - Apply for Comenity David's Bridal Card | David's Bridal Credit Card Login

Meanwhile, David’s Bridal is the largest bridal retailer in the United States. It was established in 1950 by David Reisberg as a small bridal boutique in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. But Philip Youtie purchased the salon in 1972 and started expanding the brand into new locations. Presently, David’s bridal store can be found in all fifty states and over 300 locations throughout the UK, Canada, and Mexico. Provided that wedding clothes average more than $1000, it’s quite sensible that a bride-focused brand like David’s bridal could offer a store credit card with special financing deals to help optimistic brides afford their clothes or dress.

Benefits of Comenity David’s Bridal

First of all, Comenity David’s bridal is an amazing credit card to opt for that comes with lots of benefits or advantages. But asides from the advantage of using a credit card, it also comes with some disadvantages. However, as a cardholder of David’s Bridal credit card, you’ll get the following benefits;

  1. With your card, you can manage your account online and pay bills.
  2. Comenity David’s bridal comes with no annual fee.
  3. You’ll enjoy six months of special financing on purchases of $210 or above.
  4. It has a competitive APR.
  5. You can use it at all of David’s Bridal stores.
  6. It offers exclusive cardholder promotions.
  7. Advance notice of special offers and sales.


  1. To remain eligible for the interest-free six months, you must make your minimum monthly payments.
  2. Unlike most bank credit cards, it has a high-interest rate.
  3. Irrespective of your credit score, even if is a better credit score, you won’t get a lower APR.
  4. It does not offer rewards points and bonus rewards.
  5. Due to the fact that it is a store card, you can only use it at David’s bridal stores which severely limits its usefulness.
  6. It does not offer free shipping neither does it offer any other cardholder perks.

However, the following includes both the advantage of the card and also the disadvantages of David’s Bridal card payment. For people that still want to opt for David’s Bridal credit payment, check out the application.

How to Apply for David’s Bridal Credit Card

To apply for David’s Bridal credit card, you need to have at least a fair FICO credit score of 630. Besides, you can apply for comenity David’s Bridal either online or at any David’s bridal location. To apply for David’s Bridal card online, follow the guidelines below;

  1. Launch a web browser and visit the comenity bank David’s bridal website.
  2. Locate the apply button and click on it.
  3. Enter your personal details such as your date of birth, social security number, last name, suffix [optional], middle name [optional], annual income, and first name.
  4. Contact information: mobile phone, alternate phone, email address, confirm the email address, state, city, zip code, suite or apartment [optional], and street address.
  5. You can add an authorized buyer to your account if you want.
  6. Lastly, click on the continue button.

Then you will be given further directives on what to do to complete your application process.

David’s Bridal Credit Card Login

First of all, David’s Bridal credit card login allows you to log in to your credit account to make payments or pay bills, and lots more. To login to your comenity David’s bridal account, follow the steps below;

  1. Visit the comenity bank David’s bridal website using the link above.
  2. You will see the sign in page located on the homepage.
  3. Then, enter your username and password.
  4. Finally, click on the black Sign In button.

If you carefully follow these steps, you will easily access your account. Once access to your credit card account is made, then you can have full access to transactions that includes pay bills, check transaction history, set notification, and more.