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The Facebook profile contains basic information about you. Hackers and scammers may use this basic information to access your Facebook account without your consent and make post your friends and close relatives may found disturbing. So It is good you know how to edit your Facebook profile so as to keep your details intact and safe from these people.

Edit Facebook Profile - Edit Name on Facebook Account

Due to the fact that the facebook keeps changing its layout and options for displaying each user profile information.  Your Facebook profile page has some component of which the key one of them is your timeline and the about area of yours. The timeline contains the list of all activities by you and all made about you on Facebook while the about area shows your personal details in deferent segment or section.

How To Edit Facebook Profile

first, you have to navigate www.facebook.com and click your photo on your facebook newsfeed. Doing this should take you to your profile page. The profile page is often called timeline and it was formerly called facebook wall. Facebook profile page was redesigned by Facebook in early 2013, the new design has two different column one of the columns is the facebook timeline that shows every activity that concerns you and the about section that displays all your favorite apps and personal details. In this article we will be discussing Facebook about page only

How to Edit Facebook Profile

Click on the about tab on your Facebook profile page. this should take you to the page where your account information are seen. The information you can edit on this page include:

  • Your work and education,
  • Places you’ve lived
  • Contact and basic info
  • Family and relationships
  • Details about you
  • Life events.

Locate the information you want to edit from the options made available as listed above. Here is how you can edit each of that information.

Adjusting Your Work and Education – Edit Facebook Profile

On the about profile page, click on the “Edit” button toward the right of “Work and Education”. Doing this will show you a form where you can enter details about your work and your education.  You can add details about the college and high school where you studied or studying by clicking the “Add a College” link and “Add a High School” respectively. You can also add information about the current place of work and the professional skills you have by clicking “add a professional” skill. Save the change you made once you are through editing.

Adjusting your Residence Settings – Edit Facebook Profile

Here you can add details about the places you have lived even the place you are living currently, you can also add your hometown address. To do this click on “add a place” link; a dialog will appear where you can effect changes on the places you have lived or living. Save the changes you made once you are through.

Adjusting your contact and basic info

Here you can adjust your basic information; your mobile phone number; website or social link. You can also add your political views. To do this click on the “contact and basic info” tab. It will take you to a page where you can select the type of info (either contact or basic info) you want to adjust. For every change you made; click on the “save” button to effect the changes you made.

Adjusting your family and relationship details

You can edit your family and relationship details through the “family and relationship” tab. Here you can add or edit your relationship status and your family member details on facebook.. this can be done the same way you did others.

Adjusting details about you and life event

you can edit details about yourself; add your nicknames, birth names and your favourite quotations through the details about you tab. You can add event you participated from the period you open the account through the life event tab. Mean while facebook help you to add some of the life event like your birth date, when you entered a school, etc.