Facebook Account Disabled; Facebook is one of the largest social media networks in the world. Since the inception of Facebook on February 4, 2004, the platform has grown to over one billion users worldwide. Facebook has successfully united the people of the world both young and old together. People from different countries and culture, now have a means of interacting and exchanging information through this social media platform.

Facebook Account Disabled - Why You Get Facebook Accounts Disabled

Facebook is now a means of reaching out to the world, meeting new people, new concepts, a means of advertising our businesses and so on. But first to do all this, one must have a Facebook account. Most users have been having some issues with their account such as Facebook account disabled. Well, you may get your Facebook account disabled due to some reasons below are some possible curses.

Reasons Why You Get Facebook Accounts Disabled

  • A user may decide to disabled his/her account because of their privacy concern.
  • Every Facebook user is eligible to have one Facebook account. In a situation where someone is having multiple accounts, such Facebook account might be disabled.
  • Misusing the Facebook community by posting explicit contents that Facebook is totally against.
  • Facebook takes reported accounts issues seriously and this can get your account disabled if your account has been reported so many times.
  • To create a Facebook account you need to provide your real information. Using a fake name, fake address and fake pictures on Facebook can lead to your account to be disabled.
  • To keep the Facebook community safe and clean, too much of accepting friends request, sending friend request can lead to your to be disabled.
  • Every Facebook user must be above the age of 13, if not your Facebook account might be disabled.
  • Avoiding using proxy, use your normal IP address.

How Do I Disable Facebook Account

If you are certain you don’t want to use your Facebook account again, you can simply deactivate your account from been on the platform. By going through the deactivated steps detailed below. You can simply deactivate your account. Also, you resume your Facebook account at any time by simply logging in again any time.

  • Click on the bottom right corner of the Facebook homepage screen
  • Scroll down and tap “Setting and Privacy”
  • Click on the “Account Setting”
  • Then click on “General”
  • Click on “Manage Account”
  • Tap “Deactivate”
  • Enter your facebook account password

Scroll down and click the circle to the left of the screen option. To give reasons, why you want to deactivate Facebook account or you can also click on “Others” to give more details if you want to enter your own reason. Depending on your choice. A window will appear to describe how you can address the issue without deactivating your Facebook account.

If you want to proceed with the deactivation process, then click on Close. Tap the box to the left screen click on opt out of receiving future email from Facebook. Tap on “Deactivate”. After clicking on “deactivate” you will be logged out you’re your Account will be deactivated.

Facebook Account Disabled What Shows on Your Account

Once users have their Facebook Account disabled they won’t be able to have access to the account anymore.

  • No one else can see your status or profile
  • Some information about you such as the messages you sent to your friends may still be visible.
  • Your Facebook friends may still see your name on their friends’ list. This visible to your Facebook friends only
  • Group’s admins may still be able to see your comments and posts along with your Facebook account name.
  • Once your Facebook account is deactivated, your Facebook messenger account may still remain active. You can still chat with friends on messenger.

One good thing is you can also reactive your account back once it’s been disabled by you. If your account was disabled by Facebook you we need to appeal for your account to be reactivated. Read our content on Facebook Appeal to learn more about how to submit an appeal.