Facebook account security is a feature in which it allows you to set up your profile to particular basics preferences on your account. In other ways, to also change and edit your profile in your own preference, to make your own personal login and information secure. It is a place where you can control all your activities which include who sees your posts, also who can tag you and also change your profile details on your Facebook as well as other security settings.

Facebook Account Security - Account Security Privacy Settings | Facebook Security Settings

Facebook Account security is more of a privacy setup that comes with various settings menus such as the general account settings, security and login settings, timeline and tagging for you to enjoy a convenient stay on the social media platform. With these security settings, you can be able to manage every single activity from the general account settings to your profile timeline settings.

Features on Facebook Account Security

Although, Facebook has become a gateway providing easy access to other applications. It is convenient especially when using the mobile version, it places you on a greater position to access your Facebook account. Facebook actually offers extra security features to keep the hackers far away from your account. Hence, here are some features you need to know on the Facebook account security settings.

  • App Passwords: it’s a one-time password you can use to log in to your apps and help keep your Facebook password safe.
  • Login Approvals: It is a security feature similar to login alerts, but with an extra security step.
  • Login Alerts/Notifications: Turn this feature on to have Facebook send you a text message, email or notification each time someone logs into your account from a new place.
  • One Time Passwords: Use to log into your account anytime you feel uncomfortable entering your real password on Facebook.
  • Trusted contacts: Lets you specify those you can reach out to if you ever need help getting into your Facebook account (i.e. you forget your Facebook password and cannot get into your email account to reset it).
  • Mobile Security: when you lost your mobile phone you can log out of Facebook through the desktop to prevent someone else to access your account.

Hence, with this process you can change all you want in your security settings field, it is one of the various features on the Facebook platform.

How to access the Facebook Account Security

This is so important for all users to know, you can only access the Facebook security settings if only you have a Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account you need to create one in order to access the security settings. After creating the Facebook account then these are how you can access the Facebook account security.

  • First of all, on your Facebook page click on the arrow facing down.
  • Then, kindly scroll down and click on settings.
  • Afterward, you will be taken to your account security settings.

These are all the necessary details and process on how you go to access the Facebook security settings. However, all the feature is very much easier to access on if only you go through the right processes.