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Facebook account setting is a solution provided to all your problem corning the account. Before you begin using the services platform you did be asked to create a Facebook account. When you have completed the sign up do you know where your detail settings are located or how do you have any ideas on how to change a mistake you did while you sign up for the account and you want to make a change on the profile? All the answer you are looking for is in the Facebook account setting. Whereby you can access and control all the setting you want. Note that the account setting is only accessed through the user’s details. Meaning that Facebook uses your account setting to display your profile on others users timeline.

Facebook Account Setting Menu - Facebook Account Settings & Privacy

Facebook account setting provides a wide selection of option such general setting. On the setting is where you get to change your username, name, contact, temperature and also deactivate and delete your Facebook account on the manage account option. Security & login, your Facebook info, privacy, timeline & tagging, location, blocking, language, face recognition, notification mobile and public post, app and website, instant games, business integration, ads, payment, support and lastly videos. All these are what you will see on the setting homepage. Note also that each of the options has different categories and works it perform to secure your account info. If you want to access the Facebook account setting you can choose to use either of the options below. For each of the devices, you want to choose I will pick one option for every device.

How to Access the Facebook Account Setting on PC

This section is going to be about changing emails which are on the general setting. Note that the process you are about to views still the same method of accessing the account setting. For us to continue you have to log in by clicking on the link

  • facebook.com and then enter your password and email to sign in.
  • At the top of your screen, you see an arrowhead click on it and then click “setting”.
  • Yes, you have reached the account setting now you if want to change your email. Then click on contact.
  • Note that you don’t need to click the general setting again. Add an email by clicking “add another email or phone number”.
  • Enter your email address and click save.

Once you are done with the process a message is sent to notify you of the changes. You can select the setting option and follow the instruction given to you which is displayed on the screen if you want to work on another account setting.

How to Access the Facebook Account Setting on Android Devices

The time we are using the Facebook mobile app and the next setting is security & login. This section will entail changing the password. Note that if you are not using the mobile app then views the first option and follow this process:

  • Open the Facebook app on by visiting your file manager or click on the app icon on the phone screen.
  • Enter your email or phone number and password then press login.
  • Click on the three line at the right-hand side on the screen.
  • Then click on account setting.
  • Click on security to set up the changing of your password.
  • Located change password and then click on edit.
  • Enter your new password, current, and retype the same password.

Finally, click “save change” you can go back to log in the password you created. All the process performs the same way on the iPhone and website. I hope you been able to access your Facebook account setting. Also, you can get to teach others who don’t know to perform the above process.