Facebook Account Settings is a feature in which it allows you to set up your profile to particular basic preferences on your account. It is a place where you can control all your activities which include who sees your post, who can tag you and also change your profile details on your Facebook as well as other settings. To also change and edit your profile in your own preference, to make your own personal login and information secure.

Facebook Account Settings - Facebook Account Settings Menu | Account Settings for Facebook

Facebook Account settings are more of a privacy setup that comes with various settings menus such as the general account settings, security and login settings, timeline and tagging for you to enjoy a convenient stay on the platform. With these settings, you can be able to manage every single activity ranging from the general account settings to video settings. Therefore in this article, we will deliberate on how to access the Facebook account settings both on the web and on the mobile app.

Features of the Facebook Account Settings Menus

However, the Facebook account settings comprise of different features that help users to secure their account from been hacked by activating extra security measures. Also controls other features of the Facebook activities which include:

  • General: ¬†with a general account setting you can manage and control your account details like your name. Username and also your mobile contact number.
  • Security and log in: The security and login account settings. You can manage to dominate at least 5 friends to help you reach out to your account. If you get locked out, and also where you have been logged in as your last seen. It is also a process on which you can change your password and also save your login information on the web browser.
  • Privacy: with your privacy account settings you will have to make your own choice on who will see your daily activities. However, it is also a process on how people find and contact you. On who can send you a friend request and also see your friend list.

In addition, they are other account settings such as the timeline and tagging (controls who sees your activities). Blocking (manage who you want to block and unblock) and lot more. To access the Facebook account and view the next outline below.

How To Access Facebook Account Settings on the Web and Mobile App

However, you have to access your Facebook account settings you need to have your own Facebook account. Kindly follow these steps on how to open your web and mobile app below:

On a Web Browser

  • Go directly to your web browser  and log in to your Facebook account
  • Go to the button icon facing down and click on it
  • Click on the settings below and you will be taken directly to your Facebook account settings

Using a Mobile App

  • You have to download the app on your mobile.
  • Go to the menu, the icon looks like a horizontal line which can be the right corner of your Facebook account.
  • It will take you directly to your Facebook account menu.

All the feature are very much easier to access on if only you go through the right processes . This process are assigned here on this page. This is because the privacy settings on Facebook can be accessed through Facebook settings.