In what we called the Facebook business advertising comprises of various marketing strategy. Whereby advertiser learns the following marketing tools such as Ad, Campaign, and an Ad Set to help promote businesses. On the contrary, each advertiser is assigned with different ads account which is differentiated by a unique set of account ID. For instance, with your Facebook profile account, you can create an ad account for advertising. Hence, in the guide, we will learn some basic fact about the Facebook ads account.

Facebook Ads Account  - How to Create Facebook Ads Account

What is Facebook ads account? On the contrary, ads account is a business advertiser manager that offer you powerful tools to where you can run an advertisement. The ads account comprise of various tools such as Plan, Create & manager, Measure& Report, assets, and settings. That help you run your ads more effectively. Plus, it enables you to create a page directly from the ads account which connects you to customers that matters to you. 

How to Create Facebook Ads Account

One aspect you have to understand is that creating a Facebook ads account is different from advertising on Facebook. When you create an ads account as a beginner this opens an advertising account for you to adverts your business or brands. Like I mention every personal profile on Facebook is subjected with an ads account by default.

  • First, you need to login to your Facebook account on the web.
  • Then enter your account credential and click the login icon.
  • Locate the drop-down menu at the right corner of the page and select advertising on Facebook.

Therefore, with these following procedures you have created a Facebook ads account. Hence, this account is created on your own name and with a unique account ID.

How to Find Your Account ID

The uniqueness of the Ads account serves as a great important when it comes to assigning business partner to your Facebook manager ads account. Also, while searching for a specific ads, campaign or ad. Moreover, each individual is assigned with different account ID and you can find yours on:

  • Access the ads manager and click the account setting at the right corner.
  • Or on your web browser on the address bar you can find your account ID
  • Also, you can click on your account dropdown menu at the left side of the page to see your account ID.

In addition, you can also find your campaign, ads set and ad IDs by clicking the Columns dropdown menu and then select Customize Columns.  This will open a small window then you can click settings and checkmate the boxes close to Campaign ID, Ad set ID or AD ID. Finally, click Apply to see your advertising tools ID.