Facebook contests with other social media advertising platforms, thriving off with advertising concepts to promote and reach out to the largest audiences. However, there are different means of advertising on Facebook. Most come in form of sponsored stories while others as an ad placement. However, for advertisers to understand how to create a productive ad image introduced the Facebook ads checker 2021. The Facebook ads checker 2021 a check placement tool giving to advertisers as a side-by-side example of ads created by preview advertisers.

Generally, Facebook ads 2021 checker offers access to examples of previews ads of people. Based on how they use Facebook, Instagram, Audiences Network, and Messenger to advertise. For you to also experience with your single image ads. This allows you to see the best image that is OK for your ad whereby you can crop or change your image texts for different ad placement. Moreover, the Facebook ads checker 2021 is also regarded as the image text check which allows you to determine what type of texts is your ad image.

Facebook Ads Checker 2021 – How to Access the Ads Check Placement Tool 

On the contrary, the Facebook ads checker 2021 is apparently one of the most important tools in looking for the best image ad that suits your preference. This aspect that to do with when you use the check placement tool indicates that the amount of the text of each image is acceptable.

To use the Facebook ad checker:

  • Access your ads Manager account and then select your ad setting to design a single image ad as usual.
  • Next, you can click the eye icon “check placement” button either below images or above the ad preview.
  • This will open a model where you can compare side by side example of how your ad placement will appear.
  • Then you check your ads on how well they display on each placement.

If in case the amount of text doesn’t show green indicates a grey space, then you need to crop or change the images. You can access the cropping or change the image by clicking the edited image and once you’re done you can click Done to go back to your ad manager.

Additional Method to For Ads Image Text Checker

However, besides using the check placement tool, you can access the text overlay tool or the image text check. Allowing you to upload your adverts image you want to use in other to determine the amount of text is in your ad image. Also, determine if the proportion of your ad image text is too high or low and if it might reach it full audiences.

Visit the link www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay on your web browser. Next, you can click the Upload icon and upload the image. Once you upload the image you will be able to know if the image text is Ok to run ads.