What is Facebook advertising and Facebook Advertising Features? People definitely are unaware of Facebook ads. Are you among the people who are seeking for the meaning of Facebook advertising? Are you looking to do online business using Facebook and must have heard of the Facebook Advertising Features from a friend or colleagues and don’t know about it? Don’t worry you have come to the right place, that is the main purpose of this article.

Facebook Advertising Features - Advertising on Facebook | Facebook Advertising Tip 2019

First, I will talk about what advertising is all about. Advertising is a marketing tactic involving paying for space to promote a product, service, or cause. However, the goal for advertising is to reach out to people who are likely to pay for a company’s product or services and at the same time make them to buy. I believe you must have had a little understanding of what is Facebook advertising.

Just like advertising, Facebook advertising can be seen as a feature or platform that Facebook provides in other to enable its users who are interested in marketing their company or business products online using Facebook ads. It is easy and clear to use, it started in 2013 where Facebook started allowing ads to appear on user’s news feeds. Commenting on the rise of the social advertising industry. 

It is cheaper and quicke4 for advertising on Facebook to reach your targets audience and also more effective to use. Facebook Advertising Features has however seen a rapid growth over the years ranking above the likes of Google ads and other traditional web ads we all know.  With over two billion users on Facebook and over three million active users. Facebook advertising can be a huge success to any company or business person.

Facebook Advertising Features – Types of Facebook Advertising

There are some tips of Facebook advertising provided by Facebook. Companies can use them to make ads for their products and services available for people to view. The following are the types of Facebook advertising you can use for your company in making ads on Facebook:

  • Sponsored Story: This sponsored are created by the customer’s interaction with a brand.
  • Carousel ads: It allows advertisers to feature multiple products or long image
  • Sponsored Ads: These are the voice of the consumers and Ads are the voice of the company.
  • Sponsored Posts: These are known as the sponsored post that business owners pay to turn into an ad which discusses the owner’s background and business history, etc.
  • Canvas Ads: This allows users to pan in and out, play pause, click, and swipe without leaving Facebook.

Why You Need Facebook Advertising

As a marketer or a business man and woman. You will face Strong competition from other business persons too especially those that run the same pattern on business with you. However, using Facebook advertising will actually keep you ahead of others. There the following below are some reasons you need Facebook advertising for your Business.

  • To Reach your Audience on Facebook
  • Facebook advertising is cheap
  • The targeting capabilities of Facebook are exceptional
  • Facebook advertising is effective to push on the fence leads down the funnel
  • Facebook allows you to find a new qualified Leads easily

However, this will help you keep up and beat your competitors if you follow my instructions and get Facebook ads to account today.