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Do you want to set up a Facebook business account and make your Facebook friends know about your business? Don’t worry, Facebook account set up give you the access to do so. This Facebook set up tells us how to create a business account on your Facebook account personal profile. The reason for this article is to discuss with anyone who is reading this article how you can create a Facebook business account for your various business. Facebook made available the business set up process so that any Facebook users who have a business. Or have an interest in starting up a business can create a business account to help them reach out to the audience.

Facebook Business Account Set Up - Facebook Business Manager Account

From the Facebook business account, you will be able to manage Facebook advertising campaign as well as Facebook pages which deals with your business. You can also create a Facebook ad or Facebook page in other to enable you to set up a Facebook business account. That is why you need a Facebook business account to help you create the above-mentioned features that will help you improve your business. And thereby promoting your business and creating awareness to billions of people in the world through Facebook. At the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of how you can create a Facebook business account.

Facebook Business Account Set Up – Benefits Of Having A Facebook Business Account

The Facebook business account set up is very beneficiary to every business person in one area of their business or the other. Therefore, there are lots of benefits for opening a Facebook business account. Check out the following benefits:

  • It helps you gather more leads
  • It increased exposure to potential customers
  • Lower your marketing expenses
  • Reach a targeted audience
  • It helps you build brand loyalty

These are few of Facebook business account set to benefit, this will definitely make up your business. These definitely will convince you to know that using Facebook for your business is another step ahead in achieving your business objectives and goals.

How to Set Up A Facebook Business Account

You must be asking the above question of ‘’how you can create a Facebook business account’’. However, to create a Facebook business account is not difficult as far you are ready to do that.  Perhaps there are some steps you need to follow to create the account and these steps ae as follow:

  • Log into your Facebook account
  • At the upper side of the home screen locate the Create icon and click on it
  • Select a page and click on it
  • Choose business or brand for your business and click get started
  • Now enter your business name/page name and category of your business and other requirements and click continue
  • On the next stage, you will be asked to upload a picture just do as asked by uploading your profile and cover picture.

Now your business account will be available, now you can start to access it. make sure you follow the Facebook instructions to avoid having issues.