How do I create a Facebook business manager account or how do I sign up for business manager? Apart from chatting and meeting friends, Facebook also provides an opportunity for people to grow their businesses. A lot of people only see the social media giant as a dating platform. But I’m telling you today that there is more to Facebook than just dating or flirting. As a Facebook user, you can create a business page on Facebook and set up a business manager account for your business. If you are already using Facebook for your business, you should be using the Facebook manager.  The Facebook business manager is a platform where all of Facebook’s business tools dwell. On Facebook business manager, you can manage all your Facebook marketing and advertising activities.

Facebook Business Manager Account - Sign Up For Business Manager

Furthermore, the Facebook business manager is a tool that keeps your Facebook business assets, organized, secured, and centralized. If you have been of creating a business manager account but not considering it as something important probably because you don’t know how it works. We have good news for you today because we’re going to show you how to create a Facebook business manager in this article. Before that, let me show me some benefits of a Facebook business manager

Benefits of Facebook Business Manager

In addition, you get to enjoy some amazing benefits when you create a Facebook business manager account for your business. As I said earlier, Facebook business manager is a home to manage business tools, business assets and other assets. Hence, Facebook business manager offers the following;

  • Facebook business manager offers you the opportunity to give associates, vendors, and agencies access to your ads and pages without giving the ownership of the assets.
  • It helps to keep your business activities separate from your personal profile. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about posting in the wrong place.
  • On this platform, you can track Facebook ads with detailed reports that shows you how your ads are performing.
  • Collaborators won’t see your personal details. They only see you name, pages, work email, and ad accounts.

With your Facebook business manager account, you can manage all your Facebook marketing and advertising activities. Also, it is a place where you can control multiple users access to extra resources like your product catalogs and Instagram page.

How to Create a Facebook Business Manager Account

Having gone through the benefits of creating a Facebook business manager account, you might be interested in signing up. However, Facebook business manager is free and easy to use. But before you can create a Facebook business manager, you need to have a Facebook account. A Facebook account is needed to verify your identity. Hence, you can create Facebook business manager using the steps below;

  • Launch a web and visit
  • At the top right of the homepage, click the blue CREATE ACCOUNT button.
  • Then a page will pop up. Enter your business name and account name, your name, and your business mail.
  • After that, click the blue ‘Submit’ button below.
  • On the next page, enter your business details which includes your phone number and website. Also, you need to specify if you want to use the account to promote your business or provide services to other businesses.
  • Once you are done, tap ‘Submit’.
  • Then check your email and within the message, click ‘Confirm Now’.

Then you will have your Facebook business manager account created. From there, you can add your Facebook page to your Facebook business manager. You can also add your Facebook ad account as well.