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Facebook comment is one of the features on Facebook that helps you understand how people are engaging with your posts or facebook contents. Just like facebook likes, facebook comment help you to know the number of people that engage actively on your facebook page or posts. Meanwhile, facebook comment also helps you to know how people feel about your posts, brand product or campaign.

Facebook Comment - Facebook Comment Settings

Facebook comment box is located below every post on facebook. Whenever you add a comment to any content. Your comments and every other people comments can be seen by everyone that engaged with the content including the friends of the person who made the post.

Comments on Facebook can be liked the same you like any post. You can also respond to any comments on Facebook. Unlike the facebook likes, facebook comment allow you to detect the time and date each comment on your Facebook content was made.

How to Comment on Facebook Post

Log on to facebook website www.facebook.com  which is the official web address. Log in with your account login details if needed. You should be taken to your Facebook news feed. Scroll through your news feed to see all the post made on the facebook pages you are following, your own Facebook page and the facebook post you made.

Below every post on your news feed is a comment box where you can add your comment to any posts that interest you. Locate any content that interest you on your news feed. Click on the comment box below it and type in your thought about the content. Hit the Enter button on your keyboard when you are through.

How to Edit Your Facebook Comment

In case you have made some mistakes on your facebook comment you made. You can edit the comment you post on this platform. Not that you cant edit other users comment only them can edit their comment. In other to edit your facebook coment lets get started.

  1. Click the comment link below the post you added the comment.
  2. Scroll through the comments on the post and locate your comment.
  3. Hover your mouse pointer over your comment and click on the “edit” link in the pop-up menu that appears beside the comment.
  4. Make the changes on the comment as desired and hit “Enter”. You may also choose to delete the comment.

This can be done by hovering your mouse pointer on your comment. Highlight it and then click the “delete” link that appears to the right of the comment.  This confirms the comment deletion. However, Facebook may still hold the record of the comment you had deleted on their servers

Note: People may have seen your comment before deleting or editing it. Also, your comment will display when last you edited it. So friends can click on the edited link usually under the comment to see the changes you made to the comment.

You can make people interact more to your post by add their profile name to the comment you made this is also known as tagging. This can be done by typing “@” and then enter their name. Select from the list of friends facebook populates for you to add their name. Once you submit your comment they will be notified that they have been tagged.