Facebook Dating Sign Up: Facebook dating makes you connect with family, friends, strangers, and also occasional friends mixed to make things weird. The secret crush lets you connect with the people you already know who you might be interested in. Instead of swiping right and left, you can actually choose people of your Facebook friends you are actually crushing on. If there is any probability they have enabled the Facebook dating app. Then this will notify them that someone has a crush on them. When there is a connection between two people that like each other this deliberate into what we called the match and potentially talk to each other.

Facebook Dating Sign up - Create a Facebook Dating Profile

The Facebook dating sign-up is actually a feature within the Facebook main app rather than a separate app release. The Facebook users create a separate dating profile in other to own a private dating account. Once an indication of interest is founded between two profiles, the service lets them contact each other. Facebook also plans a feature to let people attending the same event make their profiles visible to each other. The Facebook dating app was actually first launched in Colombia on September 20, 2018. And the second expansion was launched in Canada and Thailand in October 2018. And recently it is been launched in the united states on September 5, 2019.

How the Facebook Dating App Does Looks Like

The Facebook dating app allows all users to create a separate dating profile different from their main Facebook profile. However, the Facebook dating app will actually look different from other dating apps. Although the main particular concept is all the same social media platform. The Facebook dating platform matching process will not allow you to match with users on the platform. This will allow users to match with people they have things in common with also mutual friends. All users on the Facebook dating platform can also filter search results based on religion, age, height, location. And can also match with other users within a 100 km range.

How to Sign Up Facebook Dating

In other to sign up for the Facebook dating app, you must make sure the Facebook dating app is been available in your region. Here are the few steps you need to follow to create a Facebook dating profile;

  • Click the bookmarks tab on the Facebook app, signified by the icon with 3 vertical lines found on the upper right portion.
  • Follow the setup procedure wherein you select a photo, choose a gender, and what gender you’re interested in. And opt to put in information about yourself that other Facebook Dating users can see.
  • Facebook will make match suggestions to you. Facebook may match you based on the following features interests, attending events. And also groups they are a part of – but only if the user opts into these matching options.
  • You can either tap “Not Interested” or respond to one of the questions or photos of a person you like in order to start a conversation.

Facebook Dating has its own inbox separate from Messenger.  If there is any probability the Facebook dating is not available in your region you cannot access Facebook dating until it is available in your country. And if this is available in your country you will need to have a Facebook account in other to switch to the Facebook dating app. If you don’t have a Facebook account kindly visit www.facebook.com/signup to create an account.