Facebook Gameroom Free Download and Installation, Facebook games are available to all game lovers who may want to play without having to install them on his or her device. In November 2016 Facebook launched instant gaming on their Messenger platform allowing user of the app to play games through the app. In the same year, Facebook announced the release of a free PC gaming app that will allow user to play web, ported mobile and games in the native Facebook Gameroom without getting distracted by feeds from your Facebook page.  Facebook also changed the name of its gaming app from Facebook Gaming Arcade to Facebook Gameroom.

Facebook Gameroom Free Download and Installation - Facebook Gameroom Download | Play Instant Games On Facebook

Facebook games work just like instant articles which allow news stories to be loaded faster. This is by hosting them on servers like Facebook without linking them to a different website. The platform allows user to invite others to play, share results and scores, however it has control over the number of requests to play a user can have. Recently, Facebook launched a gaming hub nested under its main website that will provide a landing page to Facebook live streamers that focus on gaming so they get better discovery and get placed more prominently.

How Facebook Games Works

Facebook games can be accessed through desktop by navigating Facebook game center page http://www.Facebook.com/games. Alternatively, log in to your Facebook page and click on games from the left hand side column.  In that page, you will see some tab like “Find Games, Instant Games, Activity Visit Gameroom. Although this is different if you go to “games” through your Facebook home page. The “find games section is where you can search for the games you want to play.

This can be done by scrolling through the section, typing a keyword in the search box provided or by categories. The instant games section is where games commonly played are seen. The activity section contains details of all activities you engaged including invites from other users. The visit Gameroom link will link you to the Gameroom App or the download page (if you don’t have the app).

How to Play Facebook Games On Desktop

On desktop, you can play game through the games section of Facebook or through Messenger. To play games through the games section, click the “games” link in the left-hand column; scroll through and select the games you want to play to launch them.

To play through Messenger, click on the chat tab at the bottom right of your Facebook home page or click the Messenger icon to the left of the world icon. Start a conversation with someone; this is done by clicking the name of the person you want to message. Click on the game controller icon above the text field and select the game you want to play by clicking on it to launch the game.

How to Play Facebook Games On Mobile Device

Open the Messenger app in your phones app menu, log in with your Facebook account details if necessary. It should show you your chats. Start a conversation by tapping the name of any of your friends. Locate the game controller (this may be hidden in some device), click on more if you can see it. Tap on the game controller icon when you see it. Launch any of the games by tapping on it.