Hey guys I really love to spend more time on these platforms to educate you guys on what is Facebook gaming app? Do you want to really know what Facebook gaming app is all about? So guys let see what this app is all about. Do you know that Facebook has done it again, by launching this new Facebook gaming app into beta on android? According to the description on the Facebook gaming app on Google play, that this app allows Facebook gamers and fans to discover a universe of gaming content and by also joining communities to play instant games like the ever wings, words and friends, FRVR, basketball and so on. Apart from these, there are other interesting things about this app.

Facebook Gaming App - How To Install Facebook Gaming App

like from the screenshots; you can be able to see how the Facebook gaming app let the user to tap navigation buttons on the top to find streamers to watch or in other to view the streamers that they are already following among other things. Another thing which these app can do, they can also participate in live conversions during game play with other viewers and they can as well react to each other by sending emboli symbols like ha, ha signs,  hearts and so on. Do you know that Facebook has been trying to woo the gaming community for some time now?  Do you know Why Facebook is doing these? Is because, in other to compete against Google Youtube and amazon’s twitch.

How To Get To Facebook Game Using Your Android Phone

Note that getting to Facebook gaming app you must be a Facebook account holder on Facebook platform. In case it happens that you don’t have a Facebook account on Facebook platform, and you love to play these Facebook gaming game on the app, then, you most first sign up to Facebook by following this step.

  • Go to www.facebook.com on your phone web browsers or on Google play store to make the search
  • Then follows this detail by entering your email address or your phone number
  • Your name, date of birth password and your gender
  • Enter create an account to finish creating your account
  • What you need to do now is to confirm your email address or phone number that you enter recently.

When you finish creating your account. Sense you cannot install the Facebook gaming app on your android and it will also be difficult to play the game on the Facebook website by using your android browsers.

Facebook Gaming App With Android And Amazon Device

The best way to play Facebook  games is by installing the game from the play store if it happens that you have the amazon devise, open the amazon app instead.to play the game on Facebook gaming app simply make uses on this step below. First thing open the play store to install the game

  • Go to the Google search bar. You will see it at the top of the play store screen
  • Then tap the name of the game you love to play. Search for the name of the game you love to play.
  • Tap the app in the list of the search result. Compare the name and the icon to the game on Facebook website.
  • Tap on the install button.

Most game that you play on Facebook will be available for free on android. You can install you favorite game and start playing. For amazon users Installing the app. You can install by opening the amazon app store. Then tap on the Facebook app. Then type in your Facebook information and tap sign in and your Facebook feed will be load and your Facebook account will be log into the Facebook app.

How To Install Facebook Gaming App On Pc

Do you what to know on how to install Facebook gamming app on your pc? to install the Facebook gaming app is very easy but first be assure you are using the computer that is running windows 7 and above to access this app. To install the Facebook app for your pc, simply make uses of this step below.

  • Go to www.facebook.com/gameroom and click on the download game room
  • Simply follow the instruction that required to download and install

Then you will see all your Facebook games will appear automatically in the game room with existing levels and your rewards. But I want you to know that Facebook game room is not currently available for mac or linux.