Is Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp down in the UK? Why is Facebook not working presently? In the past few hours today, there has been a widespread report that Facebook and it’s other owned social media apps [Instagram and WhatsApp] are down. One of the regions where Facebook is mostly used in the world in the UK. The social media giant boasts billions of users but presently, Facebook is down in the UK. Facebook is no longer accessible either through the web and via smartphone apps. Mind you, WhatsApp and Instagram are also facing similar issues.

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Not Working In UK - Facebook Not Responding

According to reports, the issue began around 16:44 BST [11:44 ET]. Facebook users throughout the UK have lodged several complaints due to the platform refusing to load and showing an error notification. The outage in the UK occurred at a peak for app usage. However, the reason behind the outage is still unknown. This however has left many users angry and pissed off as they can no longer connect with each other. Facebook itself identified this issue and has taken to apologize to its users via Twitter. Presently, the issue is being rectified and we’re hoping that in few hours, the service will be back.

When will Facebook be Back?

As stated earlier, the reason behind the outage is unknown and undisclosed. Mark Zuckerberg and his team are all working to get things back to normal. They made sincere apologies to users nationwide via their Twitter handle. Both WhatsApp and Instagram also recognized users’ difficulty in accessing their accounts and have both apologized for the inconvenience. The last time something like this happened was in April this year when it unexpectedly went down due to a network configuration issue.