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Social media platforms have obviously advanced the face of private and public communication. It has changed the way we communicate with one another within our vicinity and far away. Social media sites provide a connection with us and our friends, family members, colleagues, and many more. The social media sites are also interactive which really makes them fun to use. Facebook Lite is a Social networking platform that is top ranking among many other social platforms.

Facebook Lite - Download Facebook Lite Apk | Fb Lite

Facebook was established in February 2004. Currently managed by Facebook Inc. The platform is considered as the Social media giant. Which has brought advancement in the way we socialize and advertise. However, not every social media user uses high-speed data or a high-end smartphone with more gigabytes of RAM. If these requirements are not put in place you won’t enjoy the Standard version of the Facebook app.

But for Facebook users who use a lower version of the Android phone which lacks the features of a bigger smartphone. The Platform has launched a lighter version called Facebook Lite. It is modified to work with lower Android phones. Specifically designed to suit low-spec phones and low-speed internet connections.

What is Facebook Lite?

Facebook lite, a lightweight app trimmed from the Standard Facebook app, launch in 2015. It provides a low-quality experience but still feels quite much like the Standard Facebook. It is specially modified for lower Android phones and unstable internet connections. Its size is over 2MB, it takes less RAM and CPU power which saves space on your phone. It works just fine in 2G Connection. Although it lacks certain feature which the Standard Facebook has. But trust me it’s still a great alternative to the standard Facebook app.

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The Benefits of Using Facebook Lite

The Download size is affordable, Lite download is less than 3MB, unlike the Standard Facebook which is over 40MB. Facebook Lite does not preload pictures the way normal Facebook does. Meaning it takes a slightly longer time when viewing your Newsfeed, but consumes lesser data. Videos on the app do not auto-play like the Standard app. It only auto-plays video when your device connects to Wi-Fi.

Another benefit is that you can save more data using the Facebook Lite by clicking on your Facebook Lite settings. Then scroll down to the Media and Contacts setting. Here you can select the quality of photo you want Facebook Lite to display to you. Selecting low-quality photos will help you reduce high data consumption. The Standard Facebook app also has its own data-saving feature. But it is not as efficient as that of the app in terms of managing data.

Facebook Lite, a completely redesigned app. It offers almost everything that the normal Facebook offers, but with fewer features. You can carry out all the basic activities in it. Like update your status, accept a friend request, post photos and videos, post on people’s walls, etc. The platform is not worse, it is just simplified. Considering it might still be the best option to the Bigger Standard version but packaged in a simplified way.