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Looking for a better and faster way to reach out to your Facebook friends? Have you heard about the Facebook lite install? Facebook lite can be seen as an Android app designed for low-speed connections and low spec phones. However, you need to run the Facebook app install in your phone in other to start using. Facebook lite helps you in keeping up with friends than other Facebook apps, you can use it just like normal Facebook to connect and keep up with your social network. Perhaps, the main reason for this article is to discuss and explain to anyone reading this how to install the Facebook lite app.

Facebook Lite Install Free Download - Facebook Lite Free Download

The Facebook lite install, allows you to download the app, and it is important to know that the app can only work on Android devices, not desktop. Just like you do download other apps on your android device, is also the same way to do install Facebook lite. However, if you are finding it difficult to run the Facebook lite install, I will be giving out tips on how to do that. When you have installed the Facebook lite you will enjoy the app for it allows you to save space on your phone and use Facebook 2G condition.

What You Need To Run Facebook Lite Install

There is some important information you need to know before you can install the Facebook lit in your android devices. All this will be done through your phone settings.

  •  Facebook lite must be downloaded manually from a third-party source, due to its limited release in the play stores.
  • Before you proceed to install the package, you need to ensure your Android device is set to allow for manual installation of the third party and non-marketplace packages you can do this by using the following steps
  • Enter your phone settings
  • Locate the Application menu 
  • You will see the unknown source option, enable the unknown source, it will now have a tick next to it to indicate the option is available

The next step is to enter your device File Manager and navigate to your Downloads directory on the device. This varies on each device and is dependent on a user’s preferences.

Facebook Lite Install- How To Install Facebook Lite App

Facebook created the lite version for its android phone users, which is to offer access to all basic functions of the site, including person to person messages. These will be done using the smallest amount of bandwidth possible. Here are some steps to download/install Facebook lite on your android phone:

  • Go to your android phone Play Store
  • At the top side of the play store input the keywords ‘’ Facebook Lite’’
  • The app will be shown to you, click on the install icon

After that, the app will be installed all you need to do is to open the app and run it. Note that you need to have an internet connection and enough data and space in your phone storage to enable you to install the app into your phone.