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Have you ever wonder what makes Facebook social media features, interactions and updates makes it easier and interesting?  Facebook notifications are the updates of every activity on our facebook account. Facebook notifies users of every update in friend requests, friends status updates, comments on posts when our friends like our content and so on. This platfrom brings people of the world together, but the use of Facebook notification feature has made it easier for users to stay updated on the social media network.

Facebook Notification - How to Clear Facebook Notifications

Facebook is part of people’s daily routine worldwide; Facebook social media have about 1 billion users around the globe. It is now a means of reaching out to the world but of what use will it be to it users if they are not updated. Facebook notification can be received via email, text messages depending on your Facebook notification account setting.  Notifying you can help you keep track of your activity. There is power in information and Facebook users want to get informed about every activity on their account no matter how small or important they are.

Facebook notification tell users that something has been added to their profile page. For instance, a picture being shared on the user’s wall or a comment on a video post of the user or a picture being posted on the user’s wall so on and so forth. Initially Facebook notification for a concept was limited to one person per event. For example, 10 users having liked a user’s video now count for one notification. But in the early stage, these would have accounted for 10 separate notifications. A Facebook user gets a notification if their friend posts a content on Facebook either on their wall or they replied a post, comment or possibly they liked a post.

How Do I Turn My Facebook Notifications On or Off

Facebook is now a means of reaching out, meeting new people, new concepts, a means of advertising our products and services and so on. People want to stay updated, want to be notified about what is happening around them and Facebook social media is a medium in which people stay connected and updated. Facebook notification updates Facebook user of everything happening on Facebook. A Facebook user can’t turn off all notifications completely but can change a certain part of it. The following will guide you, how to turn Facebook notifications on and off.

Turn On or Off Facebook Notification On Using a Web

  • Log in to your Facebook account and click the drop-down arrow in the top right.
  • Click on “Setting” from the list of displayed options.
  • Under the “Setting” option click on “notification setting” on the left side of the page.
  • Select notification to be disabled, there are 4 sub-options (on Facebook, Email address, Mobile and desktop and Text message)

On Facebook: this option only allows changes in sound setting, that your Facebook app or activities can send. Email address: this block Facebook’s email access. Desktop and mobile: it edits Facebook notifications sent to your browser or your desktop. Text message: These enable or disable Facebook text messages notifications. To change your Facebook notifications channel, click Edit. Each option has a different range of option under it.

Turn On or Off Facebook Notification On Mobile Phone

  • Open the Facebook app on your mobile phone
  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Tap of “setting” on the top-right of your mobile screen
  • Click on “account Setting”
  • Tap on “Notification”
  • Select a notification type you want to block

Turn On or Off Facebook Notification iOS Device

  • Facebook setting on an iOS device is usually gear. You will find the setting on the home page.
  • Tap on the “notification” from the setting menu
  • Tap on the “Facebook” app from your device
  • Slide the notification button left or right to switch Facebook notification on/off

When you have new Facebook notification a red bubble will appear with the numbers of the new notifications. Telling you that you received a new notification about a new friend request and inbox messages. A notification bubble will appear over the globe icon, to notify users when people have posted or reacted to a post you have made.

Facebook notifications can also be sent to the email address that you registered with and such email messages carry the same notification sent to you on your Facebook page. In Facebook, there is what is called push notification designed to encourage you to actively engage with Facebook if you have not been on active Facebook for a long period. Push notification messages usually telling users the number of posts their friend have made over the period they have been away from Facebook and it also tells the user the last time they logged in.