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Facebook privacy is a section user can control how people find them on Facebook. It is recommended that the first 2 options are set to Friends so that only people they know can look thru their post on Facebook. Friend requests can be sent by anyone as users, but it will be the user chooses to filter them out by rejecting or accepting them depending on the users of the account.

Facebook Privacy - How to Set a Facebook Account to privacy

Ensuring you have the correct privacy settings on Facebook will help protect your personal data. This post will walk you through the Facebook Privacy Settings menu. it will help user ensure that they have the level of privacy user desire. Or full access to all of the privacy settings offered by Facebook. User are best logging into their account from a computer. The Facebook mobile applications allow some access to privacy settings but not complete control.

Reason For Facebook Privacy

Facebook allows the user to send a message and post status updates to keep in touch with friends and family. A user can also share different types of content, like photo, games, live calls, video, music, and links. But sharing a post on the platform is a bit different from other content. unlikely email or instant messaging which are relatively private. The posts user share on the platform is more public, which means it will be seen by many other people on the platform. Putting your account into privacy prevent users on the platform to go thru your detail without you give them a chance

How to Set a Facebook Account to privacy

Facebook privacy setting is to choose the particular user that will be seen in your post. On the platform not only post also I can also befriend list you can still choose whoever want to thru your friend list. they are a lot of activities on the privacy setting page, example, who can see your future post, who can see your friend list. Check on the instruction given to you below.

  • Visit the website facebook.com on your devices.
  • Click on the menu arrow down at the right corner of the Facebook home page.
  • Scroll down and click on setting.
  • Click on privacy under the general setting.
  • Then will display all what you want to put in private, like, who can see your future post.
  • Then you will click on edit.
  • You will be ask to write a post and decide who to see your post, it might be public, friends,
  • Then click on the post.

You have successful put your post to privacy mode. A user can choose who ever to their post on the platform.