Are you a gamer and also in desperate need of a credit card? If your answer in affirmative, then the GameStop is a credit card you should go for. The GameStop credit card comprises of fascinating rewards for cardholders. With this credit card, cardholders can make purchases online or in stores. There are several benefits and perks offered to those using this card. Meanwhile, the GameStop powerup rewards card is valid only for a single transaction and only minimum payments are needed for each credit plan. But if there are multiple shipments for a single transaction, each of them could possibly result in a different credit plan subject to a separate minimum interest share.  

GameStop Credit Card - How to Apply for GameStop Credit Card | GameStop Credit Card Login

GameStop is a fortune 500 company and also a global multiple channel retailer that focuses on pop culture toys, video games, and consumer electronics with over 5,800 stores across the globe. Since the 90s, GameStop has been at the top of the industry, and in the early 2000s, it pretty much had a monopoly. The achievement of GameStop has grown with the growth of the video game industry. Also, GameStop has managed to keep up with all the changes that have occurred within the industry in the last few decades. So, if you are a passionate gamer, and you probably don’t know that GameStop offers a credit card. It means you are very lucky by coming across this article.

How GameStop Credit Card works

Moreover, the GameStop credit card can only be used at the GameStop website or the physical GameStop stores. The GameStop powerup rewards card does not have an annual fee and it comes with exclusive offers. Also, the GameStop credit card is an addition to the retailer’s powerup rewards program. And only members of the program can apply for the credit card. The credit line extended hinge on the credit history of each applicant and typically ranges from $250 to $3,000. It possible to demand a greater limit by dialing customer service and talking to a supervisor for manual approval. The GameStop credit card rewards depend on which kind of the GameStop powerup rewards program that the member belongs to.

Basically, the program comes in two different versions which are pro and basic. Basic membership accruing absolutely free and works by accumulating points for purchases at the rate of ten points per dollar spent. You can use these points to get discounts, exclusive collectibles, gaming year and more from the rewards catalog. While pro membership costs $14.99 but offers double points on purchases, exclusive offers, monthly magazine subscription and discounts on certain merchandise. On the other hand, GameStop powerup rewards card has an APR variable of 27.99% which is exorbitantly high even for a store card. As regarding rewards, it gives $5 in store credit for every $250 spent is on par including a 2% cashback.

Benefits of GameStop Credit Card

As expected, everyone will expect to benefit from anything they use. GameStop credit card also comes with amazing benefits that can help you feed your gaming habits.

  1. You automatically get 5,000 points when you make your first purchase with your GameStop credit card.
  2. If the actual 5,000 points is not sufficient, GameStop will as well reward you with another 5,000 for every $250 you spend. Truly, I’ve never heard of any other credit card that is as generous as this.
  3. Aside from bonus points, you’ll also earn 10 points for every purchase. You’ll definitely get regular points for your spending.
  4. Also, you can have your bonus points exchanged for certificates worth $15, $10, or $5 that can go toward your next video game purchase
  5. You’ll get exclusive offers that may come in form of discounts, sales, special store events, and much more.
  6. Unlike other credit cards, it has no annual fee.
  7. It offers deferred interest benefits.
  8. It only requires a fair credit in order to get approved.
  9. With your card, you can shop online or in store.
  10. Maximize your benefits by enrolling for powerup rewards.

The following benefits are included on the credit card of you to enjoy purchasing gaming items form GameStop. If you considers to opt-in from the credit card, you can check the application guideline below.

How to Apply for GameStop Credit Card

Applying for the GameStop credit card is very easy. You can do that by following the steps below;

  1. Launch a web browser and visit the GameStop official website.
  2. On the top of the homepage, click on the Apply button.
  3. Start applying by entering your personal details which include your date of birth, first name, last name, middle name, suffix, social security number, and annual income.
  4. Then fill in your contact details such as zip code, street address, apartment or suite [optional], state, city, email address, confirm the email address, mobile phone, and alternate phone.
  5. Decide if you want to add an authorized buyer to your account.

Lastly, click on the Continue button. From, there you will be directed on what to do to complete your application process.

How to Login to GameStop Credit Card  

On the contrary, GameStop’s credit card login is an authenticated page that allows you to log in to your credit account. This includes provided certain credentials that include your email address and password to your GameStop account.