Did you know you can login Gmail with another account on the same browser? It is quite shocking that a lot of Gmail users don’t know this. Google has recently added this feature, which allows you to login Gmail with another account. If you’re trying to login to Gmail with another account. Chances are that the screenshot a bit further down below on this page will look familiar (and slightly unclear) to you. You may feel a bit unsure about the purpose of the button that says “Add account” at the bottom of the page. Google has now made it possible to login Gmail with another account at once.   

Gmail Login Another Account - How Do I Log Into a Different Gmail Account | Google Accounts

On the contrary, Gmail is a web-based application that provides its users with free email services. Gmail is also known as Google mail. In other words, it is a platform owned and developed by Google. It is known as one of the best email providers of the decade making it accessible internationally. Presently, Gmail is available in 105 languages and has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide. Google automatically scans emails for multiple purposes, including to filter spam and malware, and to add context-sensitive advertisements next to emails. Also, Gmail comes with 15 gigabytes of storage capacity which is shared with Google Drive and Google Photos. You can buy additional storage space if necessary.

Gmail Login with Another Account

However, many people don’t know how to proceed if they want to login Gmail with another account than the ones already listed. The button ‘’Add account’’ may truly be a little confusing, to say the least of a because the notion of adding an account seems to convey the message that users will be creating a new Gmail account when they click the button. You don’t need to get stuck here as the answer is certainly hidden behind the ‘’Add account’’ button. So, if you need to login to Gmail with another account than the ones already on your device. Then you must continue by clicking the ‘’Add account’’ button.

Clicking the “Add account” button will take you to the next page. In this situation, a lot of people may get confused thinking that they are not on the right track to login to Gmail with another account because the blue “Create account” button underneath looks like something that will lead to creating a new account. There’s no need to panic here, you won’t be using the “Create account” link here. What you do need to do in order to proceed is simply type the email address of your Gmail account that you’re trying to access and then click next to continue. On the next page, Google will ask for the password that goes with the account. So, enter your Gmail account password there and click the ‘’Sign in’’ button.

Can I Have Multiple Gmail Address on one Account?

Google allows you to have as many accounts as you want and Gmail makes it easy to simultaneously sign in to multiple accounts. You can sign in to multiple accounts at once if you have more than one Gmail account. Google allows you switch between accounts without signing out and back in again. Your Google mail accounts have separate settings, but in some cases, settings from your default account might apply.

How to login to Gmail with Another account

Let’s assume you have another Gmail account for a special purpose. You have no idea when which Gmail Id is used for you so it is frustrating to Gmail sign out and another Gmail login mail account. It is better to sign in multiple Gmail account at a time. To login Gmail with another account, follow the steps below;

  • Launch a web browser on your device.
  • Visit www.gmail.com.
  • Login with Gmail login id and password.
  • Click on Add another account. For Gmail log in different users, click on Google Account and click on Add another account.
  • Add Gmail new account and password.
  • Once you’ve done that, Add Gmail new account for that enter Gmail new id and click on Next. Then enter your Password and click Next.

That’s all. Having done this, you’ve successfully login Gmail with another account. If you forgot your Gmail Id or Gmail Password then click forget Gmail password. Your new Gmail account is added without Gmail sign out.