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It is no doubt that Google mail is one of the best email service providers in the world, if not even the best. Google mail is used by millions of people all over the world. In every professional community, one out of every two individuals must have a Google mail account. This is because the email service has helped to improve messaging in recent times. However, I would like to announce to you that Gmail has just added a new feature known as GMass on its platform. Google mail has been at leading among the email services. Not only in terms of messaging but also due to the regular update on the platform.

GMass - Merge Gmail Emails  - GMass Extension

Thus, GMass is now a feature on Google mail. With GMass, you can merge and send a large number of unlimited emails from your Google mail account. GMass is a mass email service inside Google mail or a cold email service inside Gmail. We can also say it is a marketing email service inside Gmail. Thus, Gmail’s new feature helps you to find messages containing recipients to whom to want to email.

Presently, GMass is integrated into the Gmail app on Android devices as an official Add-on. While it is integrated on the desktop version of Gmail as GMass Chrome extension.

GMass Add-on

As stated above, GMass Add-on currently works on the Gmail App. In other words, you can merge mails using the GMass Add-on on your Gmail App and send them to many. Unfortunately, the Add-on feature is not available on iPhone and other iOS devices. Gmail Add-on is different is quite different from the GMass Chrome extension but they are both actually needed to send an email campaign. The Add-on feature is a new way to improve Google mail by bringing fun into your Gmail experience. They are connected to your Google mail account and the code that makes them functions dwells within Google. Unlike, GMass Chrome extension that only works on a computer, Add-on works on all devices anytime you sign in to Gmail.

Therefore, you can install the Add-on on your PC and make use of it on any other computer or Android device. Also, it brings a completely new feature to Gmail. A recipient’s campaign history window and unsubscribe/bonus status.

How to Install the Add on

  • Kindly use this link and tap the blue Install button.
  • A small window will then appear asking for your permission to install the Add-on.
  • Click Continue at this point. Then you’ll be asked which Gmail account you want to use with the Add-on. Select the account you want.
  • Gmail will now request your permission particularly allowing the Add-on to access your Gmail account.
  • Click the blue ‘’Allow’’ button to allow GMass to Read, compose, and send emails from your Gmail account.

The installation process will take some time. Then you will see a window showing you that you’ve successfully installed GMass Gmail Add-on.

GMass Chrome Extension

Meanwhile, the GMass Chrome extension can only be used on the desktop version of Gmail. The Add-on feature only displays campaign stats when you are reading an email from someone. Both the Add-on and the Chrome extension of GMass works together to make sending email campaigns from Google mail astounding.

How to Install the Chrome Extension

As I said earlier, you need the GMass Chrome extension to actually send an email campaign. Installing the G Mass Chrome extension is very simple and easy. To install the app;

  • Visit the GMass website on a web browser.
  • Click the Add to Gmail link at the top of the homepage.
  • Then another page will pop up. Click on the blue Add to Chrome link on that page.
  • Confirm the installation by clicking the Add extension button.
  • Gmail will then ask for your permission if you really want the Chrome extension to access your Gmail account.
  • Click the blue ‘’Allow’’ button to allow GMass to Read, compose, and send emails from your Gmail account.

Then you will see a notification that reads ‘’You have successfully connected GMass to your Gmail account.

What can Gmail’s Powerful Mail Merger do?

Sending emails has never been better but with the help of GMass, you can send an email to multiple recipients at once. Hence, GMass allows you to do the following;

  • Pull from Google Sheets, not CSV files.
  • Merge emails and send them to multiple email addresses at once.
  • Personalize. Track opens, clicks, replies.
  • Send mail merge campaigns with automatic follow-ups.
  • Validate your list with its built-in verifier to maximize delivery capacity.

How to Use GMass

GMass is pretty easy to use once it is installed on your Gmail account. Presently, you need a Gmail or G Suite account and the Chrome browser before you can use it. To use Gmail’s powerful mail merger;

  • Open Gmail on your phone or computer.
  • Click on the Compose button.
  • Enter few email addresses in the To field.
  • Then enter the subject of your message.
  • Finally, click the GMass button instead of the usual Send button.

With G Mass, you can send up to fifty emails in a day. Also, it allows you to break Google mail sending limits. But to send more than fifty emails in a day, you need to subscribe to a paid plan.