Google as you know is one of the top and best multinational technology companies in the world. Since its inception, it has been providing all its users with different amazing services and products. Meanwhile, we will be discussing one of Google service which is known as Google Pay. Many online users now make use of digital wallet to perform all their online transactions and that is why the advent of GPay became necessary. Google Pay is a digital wallet and online payment platform which was created by Google to enable online users to send and receive money from their mobile devices.

Google Pay - Pay, Save, Manage | Google Pay App

It was formerly known as Android Pay before it was changed to Google Pay (G Pay). Google Pay is one of the fastest, secure and simple ways to pay and manage your money with little or no stress. You can quickly send money to your friends and family or you can start a group to split expenses for bills, dinner, rent, etc. And you don’t even need to stress yourself doing any calculation as Google pay will help you perform the math and also keep track of who pays. It also enables you to store your credit and debit card information for quick access when needed.


Aside from the fact that you can make use of Google pay for your personal transaction, you can also use Google pay for your business. It doesn’t matter if you run a small or a big corporation, Google pay makes it easy for you to accept payment and connect with your customers while you focus on running your business. You will be able to accept payment, share offers, track sales, and do more with the GPay for business without any extra fees.  With a Google Pay Account, check your balance and spending across all your linked account.

Furthermore, it allows you to find past purchases from past payments, tickets you saved in your wallet, and a lot more. You can use Google Pay on your Android, iPhone, PCs, and other operating systems regardless of your location. G pay is available or can be used to send money in India, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom, United States, etc. And if you have any complaints, you can easily contact the Google pay customer care service for help.

Google Pay App

Google pay also provides its users with a mobile app, which enables them to perform transactions from their devices. Unlike Apple pay which is only available for iOS users, Google Pay is available for both Android and iPhone users. The App can be downloaded from the Google play store and Apple store respectively and it is completely free.  However, the Google pay app for iOS can only be downloaded and used in the United States and in India. And it comes with limited functionality compared to the Android app.

Nevertheless, with the GPay app, you can conveniently, send money to your family and friends right from your mobile devices. You don’t need to visit the atm or bank. As you will be able to see your bank balance and view your bank account balance right from the App. To download the App, follow the steps and guidelines below;

  • Open your Google Play Store or App Store
  • Using the Search bar, search for the Google Pay App
  • Tap on the App once found
  • Click on the install or Get icon
  • Launch and open the App

Following the above steps and guidelines, you will successfully be able to download the Google pay app on your android and iOS devices. You can now proceed to create a GPay account; you can check the next outline below on how to get started.

How to Get Started With GPay

Before you can start using GPay, you will be to create an account with them. You can create a Google pay account via the official website on your pc or through you’re Google Pay mobile App on your device. Steps on how to set up a GPay on your computer and your mobile devices will be provided below;

How to Get Started With Google Pay on Your Computer

  • Open your computer web browser
  • Visit the official website of Google pay
  • On the homepage, tap on Add payment and follow the rest of the on-screen instruction

How to Get Started with Google Pay App

  • Tap to open the Google pay app on your device
  • Follow the setup instruction to add a card

And after that, you will be asked to set up a screen lock on your mobile device. Now you can start sending and receiving money from friends and family. Or you can make a purchase and pay using the GPay feature.