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How do I create an Outlook account or how can I sign up for Hotmail? In our last article on Outlook, we talked about how to add another email address to your Outlook account. But in today’s article, we’ll be showing you how you can create an Outlook account. Thus, this article is mainly for those who are yet to sign up for Hotmail or create a Hotmail account.  Presently, there are several email services, but Outlook stands out as of the best. Outlook is a webmail service owned by Microsoft and it is the best for Multiple app integrations. Outlook is included in the Exchange Server, Office 365, and Exchange Online. It helps you to be creative ad connect yourself at home and anywhere.

How to Create An Outlook Account - Sign Up For Hotmail | Create a Hotmail Account

Meanwhile, Microsoft Outlook was formerly known as Hotmail. This implies that its domain was once Hotmil.com. But Hotmail is now rebranded and has been upgraded to Outlook. As a result, users can no longer create an account using the Hotmail domain.  All Hotmail users are now directed to the Outlook platform to create their accounts. In other words, Outllook.com is the place where new accounts can be created. On the contrary, Outlook and Hotmail are essentially one and the same thing. The only difference between them is the domain names.

Benefits of Creating a Hotmail Account

Microsoft new email service Outlook offers you a lot of benefit as a user. Hotmail provides you with a web-based suite of different tools. Hence, you’ll enjoy the following benefits when you create an Outlook account;

  • It offers enterprise grade security.
  • Hotmail has a built-in calendar that allows you to schedule and manage meetings and events.
  • Outlook provides an easy way to locate people, messages, and documents in mail.
  • You can see information about contact when you hover over its name.
  • Microsoft Outlook supports several add-ins.
  • Unlike most email services, you can recover a message on Hotmail if you mistakenly deleted it.
  • It has a mobile app for Android and IOS devices.
  • Hotmail allows you to hide your real email address by using different aliases.
  • You can automatically organize your emails.

Above all, you can use your Outlook account to access all other Microsoft services like Skype, Xbox, and other Microsoft services.

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How to Create an Outlook Account

Creating an Outlook.com account is free and easy. When you create an Outlook account, you can access your email, tasks, folders, calendar, and contacts from anywhere you are in the world. However, your Outlook account is also the same as your Microsoft account. Because this email service is managed by Microsoft, so your Outlook account is automatically considered a Microsoft account. This means any changes you make on your Outlook account affect all other Microsoft services like Skype, OneDrive, or Xbox. You can create an Outlook account with these simple steps below;

  • Launch a web browser and visit the Outlook official website.
  • On the website homepage, click the blue ‘’Create free account’’ button.
  • Then you will be redirected to the sign-up page.
  • Enter an email address for yourself and tap the ‘’Next’’ button. Your email address can either end with @outlook.com or @Hotmail.com.
  • On the next page, create a password for your account. Ensure you use a strong password to set up your Hotmail account. Your Passwords must have at least 8 characters and contain at least two of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • After that, tap the Next button.
  • Then another page will appear. On that page you will see two empty fields.
  • Enter your first name on the first field.
  • On the second field, enter your last name.
  • You should confirm that by clicking the Next button.
  • Now enter your country and birthdate.
  • Then tap the Next button.
  • Confirm your humanity by clicking the Next button.

Solve the puzzle shown to you. If you solve it correctly, Outlook will create your account and display a welcome screen. You can now open your Microsoft Outlook account on the web or set it up for email programs.