How To Create Facebook Account? You can create a new Facebook account by downloading to your device a Facebook app from Google play store for Android device or App Store for iOS Device. Facebook is considered the most popular social media networking sites. Regularly used all over the world for connecting to people around the globe. Users can send and receive information through this platform. However, the platform is also a means for sharing news, memorable photos and videos, etc. Through the platform, you can reach out to your friends, family, relatives, colleagues and many more.

How To Create Facebook Account

Facebook provides a lot of useful features. In order to access them, first, you need to have a Facebook account. The amazing thing about creating a Facebook account is that it cost you nothing. No service charges, all you just need is your mobile device/Computer, internet provider and your personal details to create a Facebook account.

Guidelines on How to Create a Facebook Account

The maximum amount of personal details required is a First name, Last name, Valid email address/Phone number, Password, Gender and Date of birth. Using a Phone number to create a Facebook account is not really a good idea. It is so because, it can put your personal information at a very big risk. Your phone number will be easily accessed from your profile by other Facebook users. It will also be easier to search for you on Facebook by simply just searching for your phone number. So, in order to avoid your privacy being at a big risk, the best option is to open a Facebook account using your email address rather than your phone number.

How Do i Create a Facebook Account?

There are different methods to own a Facebook account. Facebook let you create an fb account you mobile phone and computer. On the contrary, You can download Facebook lite for your budget Android device. Here are the steps to create a Facebook account;

  • Firstly, visit the Facebook Homepage: Go to the Official Facebook site. You can access the official website using any browser. Click on Create New Account.
  • Fill in your Details in the Blank boxes: You will be redirected to a page where you are going to fill in your personal details in a text-box. Like filling in your name, email or phone number, date of birth, password, etc.
  • Click Sign Up: After filling in your details, click on the Sign-Up button. Once you’ve clicked on the Facebook sign up option. You’ll be redirected to the setup page.
  • Verification Message: A setup page where Facebook will check all your information will be displayed. Meanwhile, the platform verifies your details and send to your phone number a verification number which should be input back in the space provided on the platform.Congratulations! You’ve successfully created your new Facebook account”.
  • Finally, a Facebook account will be given to you after a successful verification from the platform.

How can I Setup my Facebook profile?

When logged in to your Facebook account for the first time. You will have to set up your Facebook profile. Below are the steps to be taken to develop your Facebook profile;

  • Add a Profile and a Cover Photo.
  • Add your friends on Facebook.

Finally, go to your Facebook settings and change your Facebook privacy settings. When you finish setting up your Facebook profile, you can open your Facebook account on your mobile phone and on your computer anytime.