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Do you enjoy listening to cool music? Are you also looking for a site to download new music, find favorite songs or listen to the latest playlist?  Spotify is the best site to be. It’s an online music downloading site for downloading the latest and top music. It is a spot for all music entertainment you deserve. Spotify is a legal site where you can sign up to get music and podcast, with over 70 million songs and 365 million active users monthly. Most importantly, it is the largest music website in the world. It is also recorded as one of the most visited music streaming service providers.

How to Sign Up for Spotify - Spotify Sign Up
How to Sign Up for Spotify – Spotify Sign Up

Currently, Spotify is available for free on its website. You can also get a premium plan. The premium plans come with additional features that you won’t find on the free version of it. It offers different premium plans to suit users such as premium student plans, premium family plans, and others.

Spotify Sign Up

To sign up on Spotify, you either visit the website or download the mobile app on your mobile device. To do that is very simple. Follow using these procedures;

Sign Up via Your Windows

  • Visit the web address spotify.com/us/signup on your browser
  • You will be asked to fill an online form with your personal details.
  • You sign up using your email address, username
  • Create password
  • Then you can go ahead to sign up

You already have an account, you will be directed to download the app. And also choose a suitable premium plan to enjoy additional features. You will be asked to make payment via your credit card  The premium plan comes with Ad-free music play and less data usage.

Sign Up Via Your Android or iOS

To sign up for Spotify on your mobile phone you first need to download the mobile app from your Play Store or App Store. To download the Spotify app is totally free. You also get to listen to your favorite songs, get new music and podcast of your favorite artiste. To download the App follow these instructions.

  • Go to your Play Store or App Store.
  • Search for Spotify.
  • Click download or get
  • Install the app

You can sign up for free or get a premium plan which gives access to other important features. To sign up go through this process

  • Open the app on your mobile phone
  • Click sign up for free
  • Provide your email address and password
  • Fill in your personal details
  • Click create account
  • Your account is ready.

Note that you can sign up for a premium plan. The premium plan comes with a different plan. Choose the one that you are suitable for and make payment via credit card. You will be granted access to an Ad-free music playlist and other features available only for premium plan users.