Instagram is an interesting social media app whereby we can find over billions of users in which they get to see how interesting people’s lifestyle is. It is not just a website to see pictures, Instagram is a website/app whereby users get to upload, send and receive photos and videos. Meanwhile, users can also chat up their friends on Instagram too. However, to start seeing your friend’s photos and videos, you have to follow their profile before you can start seeing their post.

Instagram - How to Get Started with Instagram | Instagram Sign Up

People can open an advertising page on Instagram whereby you get to showcase what you are selling to billions of people on the platform. Activities like, signing up, chatting, sending photos or videos, and so on are free on Instagram which doesn’t require any charges. Furthermore, uploading your profile picture makes it easy for friends to find you. Make your face very clear in the picture and avoid uploading pictures like nudes and so on. If you are not facing any of this issue and you still can’t sign up, try contacting Instagram to help to know what’s happening. Sometimes the network error may be from the website.

How do I Sign up on Instagram?

To start sending and receiving photos on the platform, the first to do is to sign up using the Instagram sign up page. Signing up on the website is very easy, some easy steps on how to sign up for Instagram will be listed below.

  1. Launch your Smartphone / Pc browser
  2. Visit their official website which is
  3. On the homepage of the platform, scroll to the bottom and then click on the “Signup” button. This will redirected you to the Instagram signup page
  4. Enter your email or phone number or email address, create a username and password that has not been used in the past, fill out your profile information, and then click on Next. If you are registering using a Facebook account. A new tab will show asking you to log into your Facebook account if you’re currently logged out. But click the next button only if you are not signing up with a Facebook account
  5. Go to your profile and then click the small profile picture on the bottom right corner to upload your profile picture

If you signup using email, make sure you can access the email address you provided. Plus, make sure your email address has not been used in the past. Because your email will be used to get a verification code or password reset link whenever you forget your password. So after resetting your password you can get back your Instagram account.

Instagram Signup Issues

Instagram signup issues are the barriers you face when signing up on the platform. If you want to login to your account and it might show you error, it’s called signup issues. Some sign-up issues you can be a victim of on the platform are;

  1. Email address is blocked (maybe it has been used for a lot of Instagram accounts)
  2. Internet connection Error (poor internet connection, or you are out of data)
  3. Device is blocked (Due to VPN, IPs)
  4. Phone number is blocked (If it is used for multiple accounts)
  5. Username is not available (The username is taken)

You might face some of signup issues, check these up-listed issues. Keep in mind, why Instagram ask for password when you attempt to sign in is for security purpose. And keep your password safe, try not to share your password with anyone using Instagram. used before. Keep in mind, when creating a password try using a password no one would ever think of for safety purpose. When you are creating your password try adding numbers, signs and at least Uppercase.