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Instagram is a website or part of social media’s apps that make your mood lively or interesting whenever it gets boring. It is also a website or an app where you can find how people live, what’s trending, and so on. People enjoy Instagram by logging into their IG account through the Instagram sign in process. However, the Instagram sign up process is meant for new users that want to create an Instagram account. Hence, learn the Instagram sign in online process on how to sign in to Instagram account.

Instagram Sign in - Login Instagram Account | Instagram Sign in Page

Instagram sign in referred to as Instagram sign in which enables you to access your IG account by providing Instagram login online ID. In other words, IG login is a way of getting into the Instagram page by using your sign in credentials which is your email and password. After typing your email and password you will be redirected to your Instagram account home page. Below are the credentials that will be needed whenever Instagram users attempt to log in to Instagram.

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Instagram Sign in Requirements:

Instagram Login online requirement are the credentials you enter on Instagram sign in page or section. On every login page or section, there are always spaces for you to enter your login credentials. Because of security purposes such as hackers, scammers, and so on. Below are the examples of requirement you will need whenever you want to log in

  • Username, email or phone number.
  • Password.

Note that the username is the username you created when signing up for Instagram for the user while the password is a security key. Note That, Instagram password is case sensitive. Also, the Instagram login with Facebook is another option to sign in to Instagram.

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Instagram Sign in Process

Before you login to Instagram make sure you have an account. Now that you have fully understood how the messaging platform works let’s see how to login on Instagram. Make sure you have a smartphone / PC browser and below are the steps on how to sign in to account:

  • Launch your Smartphone / Pc browser
  • Visit their official website which is Instagram.com to access the Instagram web page.
  • Scroll down and click “Login” and you will be redirected to the Instagram login page
  • Enter your email, phone number or username, and password and click log in. After that, this will take you to your home page

By completing these steps, you can login Instagram account to have access to Instagram. But make sure you are entering your username and password correct so you don’t have any login issues.

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Instagram login Issues | Instagram Wont Let Me Log in

In case Instagram won’t let you sign in to your account, this considers as Instagram login issues. However, these are the barriers you face when logging in on Instagram. And before you can log in make sure you have an account on Instagram. This login page not meant for freshers but meant for those that have created an account in the past. Below are login issues

  • You are entering an incorrect username or password (Remember that Instagram password is case sensitive)
  • Your account may have been disabled or blocked
  • Logging in from a device Instagram doesn’t recognize (Which requires more verification)

Try entering your password correctly and if it doesn’t work try reseting your password and if it still doesn’t work then contact Instagram because your account may have been deleted or blocked.