It is no doubt that Instagram is one of the most used social media portals in the world. Instagram is simply a video and photo-sharing app owned by Facebook. When Instagram was launched, it began as an exclusive app for Android and IOS devices. But with the development of the social media platform, you can enjoy its services on a Desktop or computer using the Instagram web. Although, Instagram is mainly created to be operated on mobile devices. But there are instances in which you might want to post photos on a computer instead of a phone. Of course, you can definitely upload photos and videos on your phone, but that looks cumbersome to an extent.

Instagram Web - Use Instagram Web on Your Computer | IG Web

Meanwhile, you can only post media files on your Instagram page directly on a computer. Some do use third-party apps while others use emulators. If you are the type that spends most of your working time on a computer, you may consider accessing the Instagram page on your computer browser. On your computer browser, you can browse your feed, chat with your followers, and share your photos and videos to Instagram on the web. In the meantime, the Instagram web version on computers is gradually overtaking that of the app version on mobile devices.

How Instagram Web Works

To some people, they’d rather say that Instagram web viewer is better than the mobile version of Instagram. On the Instagram website, you can upload, view, and download Instagram stories and other things directly from your browser. The Instagram web version is simply an easy browser extension that allows you to download videos and photos, or just watch other Instagram users’ updates. Hence, IG web offers the following features;

  • It allows you post photos from your computer to Instagram. On IG web, you can easily post photos and videos from your computer to Instagram.
  • You can upload stories and share the most momentous moments with your friends.
  • On the web version of Instagram, you can download any media file quickly to your computer.
  • Also, you can download others Instagram users’ stories to your computer. You can download stories and they won’t be aware that you’ve downloaded or viewed their stories.
  • Besides, IG web allows you to view any users profile even if you are not following them.

Above all, Instagram online viewer has a dark mode feature which gives it an appealing look. So, if you are the type that love browsing at night on your computer, this feature is simply for you.

How To Access IG Web

Accessing the Instagram web is pretty easy like that of the mobile application. You can access the IG web on any browser on your laptop or computer. Logging in your Instagram account on the Instagram website is easy and can be done using the guidelines below;

  • At first, launch a web browser on your computer and
  • Once it opens, you will see a login or sign-up page at the right side.
  • On that page, enter your phone number, username or email and password.
  • After that, click the ‘Log In’ button below.

If your details are correct, you will be signed in immediately. When the page opens, you will notice that it’s very similar to that of the mobile app. The photos and videos are shown in the center of the screen while the stories are displayed on the right side when they are usually displayed at the top on the phone.

What You Can’t Do on Instagram Web

On the contrary, there are some things you can do on the Instagram App but cannot do on its website. In other words, there are limitations to the things you can do. They have some slight differences which we are going to show you below.

  • On IG web, you cannot make use of the filters.
  • You cannot edit a caption after publishing it. You need the use the app version to edit a caption once it is posted.
  • Also, you cannot post videos, photos, or stories. This is the major drawback of the IG web. It does not permit you to upload the type of content from your computer.  
  • Use shopping on Instagram. The products tagged on images won’t show on the Instagram online viewer. Moreover, the shopping bag icon won’t show as well.
  • On IG web, you can tag another user in the comment section, but you cannot tag someone within the photo.

In conclusion, the Instagram web is one of the means to access your Instagram account but it offers fewer features compared to the mobile app.