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Is Facebook business account free? On the contrary, this particular question asked by most users depends on what type of business account they want to create on Facebook. Moreover, Facebook business is one of the most respected and protagonist social media marketing platforms where people are allowed to showcase their businesses to the world through a powerful marketing toolkit such as the Facebook Page and the Facebook ads. These two marketing toolkit are tools used by marketer provided by the Facebook business for people to create an account.

Is Facebook Business Account Free - Business Profile

In general, a Facebook business account is a powerful marketing tool that offers you an alternative option for you to showcase your business to people in different platform of Facebook all over the world.  This allows give small businesses a level of upgrade to go wide on whatsoever, they want to showcase. Also, the Facebook business account allows you to communicate with people that are interested in your services whether your business is global or built based on your local community.

Is Facebook Business Account Free – Marketing Business on Facebook Page

Just as we earlier mentioned, a Facebook business page is one marketing tools uses by marketers to advertisers or showcase their products or brands on Facebook and other platforms. Creating a Facebook business page account is free and you don’t need any payment option to showcase your brands. This also helps you to establish a business presence on Facebook for customers to be able to learn more about your business and also interact with you. 

To open a business account with the Facebook page:

  • Go to www.facebook.com/page/create
  • Next, you will see two types of the Facebook page; you select the one for business.
  • In other to get started you need to enter your page name, category and click Continue.

Once you complete the first introduction into your business page, then you need to complete the second section by following the instruction displayed on your screen.

 Is Facebook Business Account Free – Online Advertising on Facebook (Facebook Ads) 

Basically, when it comes to the part of the Facebook business account, creating an ads account on Facebook isn’t free. In other, for you to be able to purchase or order ads, you need to set up a budget which required a payment method. Besides the concept that Facebook business account isn’t free when it comes to advertising on the platform, it offers you amazing marketing objective and management tool (Business Ads Manager) to keep track of all your ads performances.

In addition, the pricing of the Facebook ads is affordable, the price tags are usually based on the numbers of audience you want to access your ad. In other to create and purchase an ads account go to www.facebook.com/adsmanager/creation  to set up your own business account.