Have you been struggling with promoting your small-scale business or do you want to build your business/company credibility? It is no doubt that social media platforms are great ways to promote your business or company. But using the right network is important, I hereby introduced to you LinkedIn Business. The online platform has more than 30 million companies that use the platform for their business. It has helped many of these companies to grow their brands and business with ease. As you know, running a business could be really tough especially for startups. But with a LinkedIn business account, you get the right connection for your business.

LinkedIn Business - Create a LinkedIn Business Page

Moreover, LinkedIn has over 740 million users, which such a number of people. You can find and also connect with potential clients for your business. The LinkedIn business allows you to showcase your products and services to the world. The benefits and importance of using the platform, are so many and cannot be overemphasized. Using the business LinkedIn account, you can generate leads for your companies. Also, you get to drive traffic to your website and build awareness for your business. However, you need the right LinkedIn business page, Check the outline below for that

LinkedIn Company Page

Having the perfect LinkedIn business/company page is necessary. If you truly want to promote your brand and also advertise your products and services. As you already know, the platform is one of the top leading social networking for both professional and business owners. Creating your own business page is easy and free, as far as you have a name for your company or business and an email address. Meanwhile, here steps to create a page that will inspire others to follow your business website;

  • Write a detailed and compelling Summary of your Company. On the homepage of your LinkedIn business page, you will find the “About us” which is below your homepage. Take your time to write the perfect description of your company. Also include your company Cover photo, links of products, and more.
  • On the sales section of your business page, add your product and services. Also, make sure to add your most important products first. With that, people will be able to find your product and services. Also, make sure the products or services displayed are what you want to promote.
  • Also, ask for your products and service reviews. You can also share the reviews on your company page, this will serve as a testimonial and also extend your reach.

Finally, use the targeted updates to promote your business page effectively. You can use this feature, to make certain updates visible for only certain followers of your page. You made decide to make your updates, only visible to your potential clients. Now let see, how you can create a LinkedIn business page.

How to Create a LinkedIn Business Page

You can only start enjoying the benefits of the online platform, for your business if you create a business page. Besides, creating a LinkedIn Business page is quite easy and straightforward. Also, it is totally free. Here are the guidelines and process to follow:

  • Go to the official website of LinkedIn business page
  • Click on Create Page
  • Select the appropriate category for your business (small business, medium business, showcase, or educational institution)
  • Enter your company or business details

Then, upload your company logo and add your tagline, and click on the create button. However, you can ignore the upload of your company logo and do that at your own convenient time.