How do I log in to my Linkedin account or does Linkedin have a login portal? In these days and age, different social media platforms are now available on the internet. In a world where technology is growing rapidly, netizens are looking for different means of looking for people with the same interest. One of the social media portals that allow for this is Linkedin In. On the contrary, Linkedin is quite different from other social media sites in that it is mostly used by job seekers and world professionals. It is only camouflaged as a social media site. With Linkedin, you can find people with similar interests and speed up your job hunt as well. But this article will be showing you how to sign in to your Linkedin account with your Linkedin ID.

Linkedin Login - Login Your Linkedin Account | Linkedin Sign In

As a registered Linkedin user, you can log in to your Linkedin account using the Linkedin login portal and connect with world professionals, post and like content, and send messages to other users. Thus, a Linkedin login can only be done by those who already have a Linkedin account or profile. Once you’ve created a Linkedin account, you can sign to your Linkedin account and manage your account on the go. However, if you are type seeking a job on Linkedin, I urge you to be active frequently on Linkedin and have a strong presence. Because a lot of employers do use Linkedin for hiring purposes.

How To Login Your Linkedin Account

Just like other social media websites, the Linkedin login is a key to access your Linkedin account online. Meanwhile, you can log in to Linkedin either on the Linkedin app or the Linkedin website. You can however log in to your Linkedin account via the website by following the guidelines below;

  • Launch a web browser and visit the Linkedin login page.
  • Once you’re able to access the page, you will see the sign-in page boldly displayed in the center of the screen.
  • On the page, two empty fields are provided.
  • Now enter your email address or phone number on the first field.
  • Then enter the password you used to set up the account on the second field.
  • After that, click the blue ‘Sign in’ link to access your account.

As you can see, the Linkedin login process is quite easy and can be done within one minute. You can use the above steps to sign in to your Linkedin account anytime and any day.

Forgot Password

However, you might have forgotten your Linkedin login password while trying to access your account. in that case, what you only need to do is to reset your password. Resetting your password is easy. You’ll get a link or text to reset it via the email address or phone number you provide.

  • Visit the Linkedin login page using the link above.
  • Enter your email address or phone number on the first field.
  • Then click on ‘Forgot Password’.

If you provide an email address;

  • Linkedin will send a PIN number to your email.
  • Enter the PIN number into the appropriate fields on the page.

After entering the PIN number, reset your Linkedin login password on the next page.

If you provide a phone number;

A text will be sent to that number or probably a phone call.

  • You’ll get a SMS PIN number on that number if you choose to receive a text.
  • You will get a call on the number with the PIN number if you choose to receive the call.

Whichever method you choose to get the password, enter the PIN number in the appropriate fields on the page. Then reset your password on the next page. Besides, you may have to provide a two-step verification code if you have it enabled on your account. Once you’ve changed the password, you will get an email confirming the change.