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How can I login to my Linktree account or how can I access the Linktree login page? Perhaps you have a Linktree account but finding it difficult to sign in to your account, worry no more because you’re definitely reading the right article. Linktree is a social media landing page that allows you to connect audiences to all of your content with just a single link. However, you must log in to your account before you can create as many Linktree links as you wish. In other words, if you don’t have a Linktree account, there is no way you can use Linktree to make your content more discoverable.

Linktree Login - How to Sign in Linktree Account

Linktree login is an inescapable process that every Linktree user must pass through before they access Linktree either on the website or the app. Signing in to Linktree only requires a Linktree ID which is your username and password. Therefore, if you don’t have a Linktree account, you can get started and link to your socials, shops, websites, and more.

Can I still Log in to Linktree With My Instagram Account?

When Linktree was actually created, it allows users to sign in using their Instagram account. But presently, users can no longer log in to Linktree using their Instagram accounts due to the fact that Instagram no longer allows applications including Linktree to sign in via their Instagram account. So, if you have been using your Instagram account to sign in, you will need to request a password reset link before you can log in to your account.

Linktree Login

You can log in to your Linktree account by visiting the Linktree login page. Signing in to your account allows creating your own Linktree links. Probably you own a website or you want a blog post to have more views, all you have to sign in to Linktree. Linktree sign in is the same as most login steps and can be done using the guidelines below;

  • Visit Linktree.com on your device browser.
  • Tap ‘’Log in’’ at the top of the homepage.
  • You will then be taken to the login page.
  • Enter your Linktree username and password on their respective fields.
  • Having done tap, you should tap the ‘’Sign in’’ button below.

As you can see, Linktree login is pretty easy and can even be done by a toddler. After signing in, you can create as many links as you want and put them on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter bio.