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Mailbox Yahoo; Yahoo is an online web platform containing series of content and information. It’s a widely used email service, search engine. Yahoo email is the common feature mostly used on the Yahoo portal and it is totally free. When you sign up for an email account on Yahoo portal. Yahoo address would be given to you atomatically “@yahoo.com”. Which will be linked up with your personal preferred ID, for instance “willyanderson@yahoo.com”.

Mailbox Yahoo - Yahoo Mail Sign In Yahoo Mailbox | Yahoo Mailbox Login

After the creation of your Yahoo email account. You can use your Yahoo mailbox to send emails to coworkers, friends, family and others. You can as well attach content to share like pictures, document file. Yahoo makes it a point of duty to always keep your mails nice and neatly arrange with folders.

How to Sign in or Login to Yahoo Mailbox

To make use of your Yahoo Mailbox you will have to login or sign in to your Yahoo account. It is very important to communicate when working in a group. Yahoo makes it easier to reach your colleague for free and also provide updates and support in an organization. Your Yahoo mailbox needs periodical checking to view new email or update. Provided that internet connection works on your device . Then you can sign in or login to Yahoo mailbox using the Web browser of your choice.

You can check your Yahoo Mailbox using these processes;

  • Open your preferred web browser and visit http://mail.yahoo.com
  • Click Mail tab on the Yahoo portal.
  • Put in your ID/username in the Yahoo username space and the Password in the Password space. Then tap the Sign in button to log into your Yahoo mailbox
  • Tap on the Inbox feature at the left to have access to your Yahoo mailbox. Unread email appears highlighted with a bold text.

How Can I Send an Email using Yahoo Account?

After succeeding in creating a Yahoo account. The next stage arises which is to send an email. You can send an email using any device you have, the process is almost the same. To send an Email;

  • Log into your Yahoo account using the desktop computer/PC or mail app.
  • On the Yahoo homepage, tap on Mail option at the top-right corner.
  • On the left-hand side of your mail, tap Compose option and enter the information needed. For instance, In the To space. Put in the recipient’s email address and in the Subject space, put in the topic of the message you are sending. For example; Letter of Appointment, Greetings, etc.
  • After that, you can type your message or attach file if any.
  • Once you have confirmed the message and done, then tap Send.

Yahoo mail also allows you to create folders of your own to keep and mange your messages. There are other default folders that exist on your Yahoo mail right from creation at the left -hand side of your Yahoo mail.

Which includes Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Spam, Trash and All Feeds. Below are section for the folders you create. Yahoo is obviously more than an Email site or a search engine. The platform homepage has enough content to keep you busy all day long. Information around the world given to you on the Yahoo News page with ease.