Netflix offers every user a free account, a 30 days free trial. Netflix is one of the most visited streaming websites used nowadays. It has become the most visited site, the most common subscription for people to own. Netflix has in its care all kinds of popular original works. As well as many popular shows and movies from other production companies.

Netflix Account Free - Get Netflix Free Month Trial | Netflix Premium Account

Netflix also provides access to Shows from around the world. Which a lot of internet users would have no way of getting or watching them without the platform. But, not every user is capable of paying $15.99 on the Netflix Premium tier and $8.99 for their Basic Level. It does not fit a lot of people’s needs.

How to Get Netflix Free Account?

I’ve done my best to find all the ways you can legally watch Netflix for free.

Deals from other companies

There are companies that provide a free Netflix subscription. T-Mobile is a good example of this, they have a high level of consistency and they’re well-known. The phone carrier actually provides a free Netflix account (the basic level which is standard definition and only works on one device at a time) to their customers. So, if you’re already a T-Mobile user you should look into this deal.

If you are not a T-Mobile user then this may not work for you. If you love your phone carrier, who actually likes their phone carrier? A switch might be needed.

Share An Account

Netflix allows its upper tiers to stream on multiple screens. Their standard tier allows two devices to use an account simultaneously and the premium allows four.

If you have a friend who is paying for one of those tiers but doesn’t ever have Netflix running on their maximum number of devices at a time. Then if you’re good enough friends, maybe ask them for the password. Then you can make use of a free Netflix account by subscribing because a friend already subscribed.

Netflix likes to discourage this as much as possible. They do have a feature that allows different users of the same account to have their own profiles. So they can’t really complain when people use the feature.

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The Free Month Trial

This is the most convenient way to go about having Netflix for free, but it takes a lot of technicalities. You get a free trial for one month. Netflix has the kindness to send you a reminder three days before the first time they’re going to charge you. You can cancel your subscription at this point and make a new account with a new email. If you cannot stand the idea of making new accounts every month. Then we hope you’re willing to have an on-and-off kind of relationship with Netflix. Does this sound stressful? Yes. Is it legal? Yes. This gives you infinitely free Netflix, Who says taking advantage of a loophole would be easy?

Free Trials But With Less Hassle

Once you sign up for a new free Netflix account, you’re offered a free account first-month service and cancel the service at the end of it. You won’t have access to the platform anymore. However, if you wait long enough, Netflix will send you an email offering a new free trial in order to try and entice you into getting a subscription. This is a process people have reportedly repeated multiple times. The big change is you have to binge-watch like crazy for a month. Then wait until the next time Netflix says they want you back.

These are genuine and not-also genuine ways you can obtain Netflix without paying any fee. If none of these sound okay for you then maybe there’s another streaming site that will work better for you.