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Netflix Free Trial – 30 Days Free Netflix | Sign Up for Free Netflix Account; There is possibility that Netflix will experience a large flow of new members joining the site. In the wake of the Pandemic currently going-on globally. The safety rules to fight the Coronavirus which have been given out globally is for everybody to remain in their homes. This has really make viewers turn to the entertainment side.

Netflix Free Trial - 30 Days Free Netflix | Sign Up for Free Netflix Account

Thousands of viewers are streaming online platforms to ease their COVID-19 boredom. The outbreak has led to a high demand for home entertainment and the use of online streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon, etc. Netflix site is among the streaming platform placed on high demand during this period of isolation.

On the Netflix site are latest and fantastic content that can make you keep asking for more. Thousands of viewers are looking and requesting for free trials of streaming on the platform. And that brings us to the question of,

Can New Users Get a Netflix Free Trial for 30 days?

Netflix gives to it’s new members free trial for 30 days in some countries. Giving them access to sign up and explore all it’s content for a month without any charges. But it has come to our notice that Netflix has silently removed its free trial offer. The Free trial wasawarded to new subscribers. But sadly this has become an old system. A page on the Netflix Help segment says

“Free trials are currently not offered. To begin your new membership. Simply visit Netflix.com. Select a plan and payment option that’s suit you, enter your email, set a password and start watching”.

New users who recently signed up on the Netflix were able to test the site’s free offer for 30 days. But they provided their payment information upfront. Their accounts were not deducted until their free month was over. New users signing up for Netflix have to pay the fee as soon as they activate their subscription. Which means that Netflix services can’t be accessed on free trial without shelling out some cash.

What Can New Subscribers Get instead of a Free Trial? 

So, instead of the free trials on Netflix. They are currently giving a 30 day upgrade for new subscribers who signs up for the service. Meaning, if you sign up for the site’s Basic Plan. You will be upgraded to the Standard Plan for 30 days of no additional cost.

Likewise, if you sign up for the Standard Plan. You will be upgraded to the Premium Plan the first month. But there are no upgrade available for subscribers who registers under the Premium Plan at the moment.

All the subscription plans mentioned above gives it’s users access to stream the entire content on the site. There differences are based on the quality of the video and the number of devices you can stream on at a time. Like the Basic Plan, which cost $9.99 a month.

It allows it’s subscribers to watch in Standard Quality (SD Quality) only on 1 device at a time. The Standard Plan cost $13.99. It supports 2 streaming at the same time and the quality comes in HD Quality. Lastly, the Premium Plan cost $19.99 a month, it allows 4 devices at a time in 4K Quality.

Which other Streaming Site Offers free trials?

Now that Netflix is no longer offering free trials. There are still some other online streaming site that offers this free trial for it’s new subscribers. But it last within a limited time.

We have site like;

  1. Disney+ and Apple TV+, which offers a 7 day free trial.
  2. Amazon Prime Video offers a 30 day free trial.
  3. And Foxtel offers a 10 day free trial.