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Gmail is an online email service provided by Google which allow user to send and receive email messages but you need new Gmail Sign up. However, the platform is known for one of its most prominent features which is storage capacity when you Create a Gmail account. After a new Gmail Sign up the platform gives a storage of 15GB total which allow users to send and receives containing media files such as pictures and Document. Also, for Gmail users that frequently use their account for business means might want to increase the space. Then will choose to pay an additional which can allow for up to 30TB of storage.

New Gmail Sign Up - Create a Gmail Account

Gmail possess a powerful spam filter that is available by the community which new Gmail Sign up users are safe with the Two-factor authentication. However, the platform allows users to take a good chance as your first choice of username might be taken already. Also, the New Gmail Sign up or Create a Gmail account gives user the benefit to access other Google services. Such as YouTube, Google Play and Google Drive. Also, the platform have a smart filters which automatically move messages detected as spam out of your inbox.

How to Create a Gmail account

New Gmail Sign up is a straight forward process which wouldn’t take all your time creating a Gmail account give you access to all other Google account. However, you can Sign up for a new gmail account via the the platform official website or the Mobile App. The Gmail mobile app is available on both Android and iOS app store respectively for free. Here are a few steps on New Gmail Sign Up;

  • Launch any web browser on either your mobile phone or computer.
  • Go to www.accounts.google.com the official website.
  • At the homepage click on Sign up which you will you need to confirm if for personal use or Business. Click on your choice of account Sign up.
  • If you choose personal then the next page will require you to provide your personal information. This will include your Gmail username, you need to create one and  a strong password.

Then click on next which you will be require to produce a phone number and a  verification code will be send immediately. Input the activation code and click continue. Congratulation you have new Gmail Account.

Is New Gmail Sign up Free

Are you curious if the signing up for a new Gmail account is free or will cost you money yes, the New Gmail sign up free worldwide. However, after creating a New Gmail account Gmail provide you with 15GB. Which user get to send and receive with attachment such as pictures and document.

Also, New Gmail Sign up gives many users the platform to send and receive messages from their family and friend around the world. However, the platform also produce a search bar on the top of the page. Which serves as an effective method of finding specific emails and messages.