All users on Facebook need a password in other to protect your account and access your account anytime. With the right Login info and email or phone number, you can gain access to the particular account. However, providing the wrong password he or she won’t be able to access the account that he wants to login. If a password is forgotten you can use the recovery option for new password for facebook.

New Password for Facebook - Password Change on Facebook

They are so many passwords you have to remember for all the online accounts you have. As a result, it can be quite easy to forget your password. Luckily Facebook has a process called Facebook Password Recovery where you can change to a preferred new password for facebook that you could remember.

Steps to Get a New Password

if you can’t remember your login password instead of losing your account. There are a couple of ways to recover access to your Facebook account. However, have in mind that Facebook won’t email your password to you. Just be rests assured Facebook doesn’t share your information to anyone.

Facebook Password Recovery

There are different ways of Facebook Password Recovery, it now depends on what Facebook users use when creating his or her account. Some users make use of email address and some make use of phone number, these are some steps on how to reset your password;

  • Enter the Facebook URL which is with your web browser or any internet-connected device.
  • On the platform click on forgot password option just under the login section.
  • Select the option with a registered details link to Facebook account either with a mobile number or email address.

Note: after using the email address or mobile that is registered with your Facebook account. A code will be sent to you via the option that was selected the proceed and verify and reset your password to a new one. After gaining access to your Facebook account if you still notice any suspicious activities. You can change your password when login.

How to change Facebook Password

  • Login to you your Facebook account either on your web browser or mobile app
  • Click on the last icon at the top right section and click on settings.
  • At left section click on security
  • Click on the edit icon and next to change your password.
  • Type your current password and new password a and click save changes.

This step could be taken after resetting your Facebook password because this stage of password change options needs your old password.