The Newegg Credit Card issued by synchrony bank is a store-branded credit card that charges no annual fee but does not offer any rewards. The Newegg Store Credit Card is a card that stands out among other credit cards in that it has a better and outstanding line of credit which customers can use repeatedly on Newegg’s official website. In this article, we’ll talk about the Newegg store card, its benefits, how you can apply for it, and how you can log in to your Newegg Synchrony card account.

Newegg Credit Card - Apply for Newegg Store Credit Card | Newegg Credit Card Login

In the meantime, the Newegg credit card from synchrony bank is one of the credit cards out there which is a store credit card. This means that you can only use it at Newegg stores and its affiliates. This is because this card does not have any connection with a card network like a visa or Mastercard.  A lot of people seem to be interested in Newegg store credit card and may likely be thinking that is this card worth getting. If you are having that mindset, we’ve got you covered because after you’re done reading this article, you will know if it is worth getting or not. The first thing you need to know is that Newegg’s credit card is a card with no annual fee which is common among all credit cards that can only be used in stores.

Also, purchase with Newegg store card comes with APR [Annual Percentage Rate] of 29.99% for new accounts. When you are charged interest, it won’t be less than $2. If you are able to pay your promo purchase completely within the first six months or one year, you won’t suffer any interest charges on the promo purchase. But if you do not, know that you will be charged interest right from the day you make your purchase.

Benefits of Newegg Credit Card

Besides, Newegg provides the best in anything relating to electronics and tech, and to crown it all it offers a credit card for its customers. If you are a loyal Newegg shopper, you should consider applying for its Newegg credit card. Thus, you will enjoy the following benefits as a Newegg cardholder.

  • As a cardholder, you can manage your account online with ease.
  • Newegg credit card comes with no annual fee.
  • You get exclusive cardholders offers and promotional financing options of six and twelve months.
  • You can make monthly payments conveniently with your card.
  • It offers sales alerts.
  • If you are able to pay your promo purchase completely within the first six months or one year, you won’t suffer any interest charges on the promo purchase.
  • Newegg offers exclusive notifications and deals.
  • You don’t need an excellent credit score to get approved for this card.

As a Newegg cardholder, you will enjoy these amazing benefits and great perks. All these benefits are all offered by Newegg to make your transactions meaningful and enjoyable. So, this leads us to the next step of;

How to Apply for Newegg Credit Card

Having gone through the benefits of the Newegg credit card and you are probably thinking of getting it. Then you need to make an online application for it by visiting the Newegg website. Applying for this card is quite easy as you can do that by following the guidelines below;

  1. Launch a web browser and visit the Synchrony bank Newegg official website.
  2. Once the page loads, click on the complete application button.
  3. Start by entering the last four digits of your SSN and mobile number.
  4. However, if you don’t have a mobile number, click on the link that says ‘I don’t have a mobile phone number’.
  5. Now enter your initial purchase amount if known [optional], city & state, first name, middle initial [optional], suffix [optional], last name.
  6. Apt #, housing, street address, zip code, primary phone, type, alternate phone, type, email address, confirm email address, date of birth [DD/MM/YYYY].
  7. SSN/ITN and monthly net income from all sources.
  8. Add a joint applicant if you want.
  9. Then click on the continue button.

With few more steps, you will complete your application. After submitting your application, you will get a response form synchrony bank within few seconds or within a month through a letter with extra information.

Newegg Credit Card Login

Nevertheless, the Newegg credit card login serves as a login page or an entry page to in credit account in which cardholders have access their account online and check their card balance or make payments. Furthermore, the entire login process is pretty easy and can be done in few minutes. Hence, you can login your Newegg account by following the steps below;

  1. Visit the Newegg login page using the link above.
  2. Locate the login button at the top of the homepage and click on it.
  3. Then enter your username with your password as well.
  4. Lastly, click on the login button.

If you enter your username and password correctly, then you will be logged in to your account in few seconds. Once you’re logged in, you can check your current balance as well as well making payments with your Newegg store card.