Is there an App for NHSmail and how do I download and install the NSH email App? In today’s write up we will be discussing the NHSmail App and all you need to know about it. On the contrary, NHSmail has an app for all android and iOS users which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple store.  However, the App is not available for desktop users, you can only access the NHSmail on your desktop via its website. As you know NHS which stands for National Health Service is the national secure collaboration for health and social care in England.

NHSmail App - Download For Android and iOS

The NHSmail App was created to enable all NHS users to access the platform service with ease and without hassle. With the App, you can easily access a wide range of NHS service from your smartphone and tablet.  Some of the service includes, you can easily view and share your COVID pass for event trial in England and travel abroad. Also, with the NHSmail App, you can get Health advice, order and request medicine, book appointment, and more. You can even access the NHS sign-up on the App without needing to launch your web browser to the NHS website. But to use the App you must be aged 13 and above and also registered with a GP surgery in England.

Why Should I Download the NHSmail App?

The reasons why you should download the NHSmail App are extensive. This is because there is a lot of benefits and features you will get to enjoy when you download the App on your device. As earlier stated, you will be able to access the Services of NHS right from your android and iPhone device quickly. But below are some other reasons why you should download the NHSmail App;

  • It provides you Free information about Coronavirus
  • You can get advice about health issues ad also get medical advice from expert
  • The App enables you to View your health record like test result and details of your consultations and more
  • You can make use of the App to register for organs donation
  • With NHSmail App you can easily view your NSH number
  • You can view useful links your doctor or health professional has shared with you
  • Search for, book and cancel appointment at GP surgery via the App
  • You can find out how NHS use your data

Lastly, with the NHSmail App, you can access health service on behalf of your family, friends, and loved ones. You can view and manage care plans and so much more when you download the App on your device.

NHSmail App Download

Meanwhile, downloading the App is very simple to go about and it is absolutely free to download. That is to say, you don’t need to pay a dime before you can download the NHSmail App on your smartphone and tablet. But as earlier, stated you cannot make use of the App except your 13 years and above and you must be registered with a GP surgery in England. Steps on how to download the App on your Android and iOS devices will be provided below,

For Android Users

  • Visit your Google Play store
  • Click on the search bar at the top of the homepage
  • Type in “NHS app” and click on the search icon
  • A list of your search will appear, click on the App once found
  •  Tap on the Install button and the App will start downloading

For iOS Users

  • Open your Apple store
  • Tap on the Search button and search for the “NHS app” on the search bar
  •  Click on the App once found
  • Tap on the Get button

After that, you might be asked to type in your Apple ID details to confirm your identity. Note you can also use fingerprint or face verification if you’ve already set these up.